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Mr. Pineapple travels the world with his pineapple!

When you're inspired, you become inspiring”
— Steve “Mr. Pineapple” Mathieu
MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, July 24, 2022 / -- The Pineapple Theory has an ongoing ambitious and realistically optimistic project consisting of Mr. Pineapple traveling the World with his pineapple with the purpose to connect in-person with people and made them smile. The project assist with several new inspirations for his blog and writing process of his next book. Mr. Pineapple loves to detect patterns and he shares what was and still is from Earth timeline with an authentic approach. Lastly, every country has a peculiar pineapple story to be discovered!

For each country he visits, supporting a local Freelancer is of a great importance for Mr. Pineapple. As a sole owner of his Copyrights of The Pineapple Theory books, Trademark, and incorporation, he understands the challenges of trying to “survive” VS those being supported by big voices.

Mr. Pineapple admires those who took one definite step forward with courage to do their own thing and it deserves to be supported & encouraged before big agencies. As humans, we rise by rising others, therefore, we need as humans to support each other.

“If you want to shine like a star, care to make others shine like stars.” Steve “Mr. Pineapple” Mathieu

Mr. Pineapple establishes a Human-2-Human (H2H) connection before talking about business. The relations and therefore build in respect of everyone’s values and desire to support someone with great care. Additionally of each Freelancer becoming one of Mr. Pineapple’s official photographers, they are recommended to everyone in search of a photographer. And The Pineapple Theory is a trusted brand.

April 2022, London, UK was stop #1 for Mr. Pineapple’s realistically & optimistic project of travelling the World with his pineapple. Freelancer Hozir Sahdat of Hozz Photo was selected to be Mr. Pineapple’s London’s official photographer and he has done an amazing work. Hozir was very generous of his time on picture day with a great attitude.

About Hozir, freelancer/owner of Hozz Photo:

Photographer and Videographer based in London, a multimedia creative helping brands and individuals stand out through visual arts. Hozir has experience in several sectors of photography including and not limited to fashion, lifestyle, and product photography. Hozir’s goal is to provide brands/individuals that wish to stand out from the crowd.

June 2022, Athens, Greece was Mr. Pineapple’s second stop. Freelancer Georgios Makkas of was selected as Athens’ official photographer. Another successful project was reported, and Mr. Pineapple recommends to everyone who resides or plan to visit Athens.

About Georgios Makkas, freelancer/owner of

Athens based photographer and videographer incorporating into their work, various styles of photography. Specializing in editorial and portrait photography, Georgios delivers high end imagery and always focus on the human aspect when sharing a story with their work.

Montreal, Canada is home for Mr. Pineapple and The Pineapple Theory wishes to announce Freelancer Annie Langlois as their Montreal official photographer.

About Annie Langlois, freelancer/owner of

Annie is a photographer with a true passion for people! For her, the art of photography is an exceptional and privileged way to connect with people and their stories because life is made of people, moment, and emotions to cherish. Annie is a social butterfly by nature and everyone she meets makes her art continuously grows.

If you reside, or planning to visit London, UK – Athens, Greece – or Montreal, Canada, these freelancers’ photographers will provide you their art inspired by what inspires them the most: YOU!

“Earth is more beautiful than we think. Imagine how splendid it would be if we were all interacting positively on it!” Steve “Mr. Pineapple” Mathieu

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