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SoftShot Non-Destructive Blast Media

SoftShot Blast Media

Soft FlexShot Media

Nu-Soft Steel Shot Blast Media Non-Destructive Soft Blasting Media


Nu-Soft Steel Shot is a metallurgically enhanced cast steel shot developed for cleaning soft, delicate metal parts in standard centrifugal wheel-type blast machines or in pressure-type air cabinets. Nu-Soft Steel Shot is round in shape with a hardness of between 12 and 15 Rockwell C (less than 200HV). Ultra-low in carbon, it has a density of slightly greater than 7g/cc. Nu-Soft Steel Shot is very durable with more than twice the life of standard SAE grades of cast steel shot and almost one thousand times the life of some competing abrasive media.

Premium Grade
Nu-Soft Steel Shot is made from virgin, premium-grade, cast steel shot — no other materials are added during the manufacturing process. Only fully round shot particles are shipped to you. Once in the furnace, the chemistry of the shot is carefully modified for optimum performance.

Safe to Use
Nu-Soft Steel Shot won’t damage intricate detail work, “texturize” polished or machined surfaces or degrade threads of tapped holes. Because of its unique chemistry, Nu-Soft Steel Shot won’t work harden or distort the work piece, and it resists breaking down too rapidly into dust or fines. It won’t remove metal from part surfaces or damage blast machine wear parts.

Machine Requirements
Nu-Soft Steel Shot works well in both centrifugal wheel blast machines and pressure air blast cabinets with no modifications needed. Nothing has to be added.

Just clean the inside of the blast machine and remove all traces of standard steel shot. Be sure to vacuum shot from around the screw auger at the bottom of the cabinet and from the boot of the elevator as well as from wear plates, reinforcing gussets, ect. (Remember: Any standard shot that is left to circulate will leave its mark.)

Check for proper adjustment of the air-wash separator, repair any leaks in the cabinet and replace worn wheel components.

Nu-Soft Steel Shot is equal in density to standard steel shot, so it will flow easily through your blast machine with no drop in amps to the wheel. If your blast machine utilizes a magnetic separator, it also will work fine with Nu-Soft Steel Shot.

Nu-Soft Steel Shot Can
Remove heat treat scale from sintered powder metal parts
Deflash aluminum die castings
Deburr delicate stampings and fabrications
Remove corrosion from machined surfaces
Remove ash residue from caustic bath solutions
Clean ceramic from intricate investment castings
Eliminate build-up of release agents for molds
Sizes Available
NS-70 — NS-330

50-lb. pail
500-lb. keg
750-lb. keg
2,000-lb. drum

Advantages of Nu-Soft, the ultimate non-destructive media
This revolutionary blasting media is the most advanced way to blast when no damage to the surface can be tolerated, it is the safest, fastest, and most economical blasting media

Soft: Averaging 3.25 on the MOHS Scale and 15 Rc Nu-Soft is among the softest media on the market

Recyclable: economical * less waste * less dust * better visibility * lower warehouse costs * reduced material handling costs

Heavy: Among the heaviest blasting media * faster cleaning * reduced labor costs

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