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A Fulcrum to the Near Future

A New Way to Wealth

Giants of Social Investing

Bruce Piasecki

The path to success and the the full glory of wealth is doing more with less. Inspired by the wisdom of Ben Franklin, and other living legends like Bob Dylan.

"After a lifetime of experience in business and government, Piasecki is calling for a new era of restraint, frugality, and public-mindedness--as a set of non-negotiable first principles”
— Daniel Sherrel, author of Warmth
BALLSTON SPA, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 17, 2022 / -- Finale: What is the right balance to achieve on the fulcrum of Wealth and the Commonwealth? Piasecki's new book asks the right questions.

Here is the final caveat by Bruce Piasecki after completing his 19th book in a career that began with Simon and Schuster in 1990.

A New Way to Wealth: The Power of Doing More with Less ends with a detailed reflection on the near future. Here it is in a reportable nutshell:

From the final arguments in Bruce Piasecki's recent book--

Archimedes aptly noted, from his perch in Ortegia in ancient Syracuse, “give me a lever long enough, and I will move the world.” That might be a fancy of every young writer, who wakes each morn with the hope that someone will know his or her name. By as we age, we know that lever long enough does not exist, and never will.

Do I know the exact fulcrum to balance Wealth and the Commonwealth for the rest of this century?

Absolutely not.

This balancing is the nexus of historical change, social movements, and institutions.

It is a collective shift I report, or chronicle, something changing the very nature of capitalism yet again. Within this turbulent set of changing and intermingling waves, rests the shoreline battles for diversity and inclusion, climate solutions, and racial equity and medical equity. In his recent interviews, Bruce Piasecki talks about his board service on the Medical Consortium of Public Heatlh and Climate Change. The new book is centered on that effort.

We have moved as a global villiage significantly past the great 19th century social thinkers like Karl Marx, Charles Darwin, and Sigmund Freud.

Marx is wrong now, as the means of production are in the hands of the many in this information age. And Freud is very wrong when it comes to repression, the many have new tools to release self-actualization not just his rich Viennese patients. And even Darwin is dated as we move into the realms of genetic engineering of human will and need. What is clear is that we must balance wealth and the commonwealth, and get past blame, wheel-spinning and waste in a world of 10 billion souls.

This book adds up to a simple formula: Let us start by being sociable, reasonable, inclusive, and civic-minded like Ben Franklin and his tradition.

From that reputational stance in society, accept that some of us will gain great wealth, and reward. That is the best way to get back to basics.

Bruce Piasecki

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Bruce Piasecki

Bruce Piasecki is the Founder and Chair, since 1981, of the management consulting firm AHC Group
Recently, he and his wife and family incorporated a pubic charity of writer awards called The Creative Force Foundation.

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