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Retired NYPD Detective has all criminal charges dismissed

Second Amendment Attorney Peter H. Tilem, Esq.

The charges against Nolan originated after a judge issued a search warrant for Mr. Nolan’s residence and certain weapons and computer equipment were seized.

We are so gratified that we were able to secure a complete legal victory for Mr. Nolan after almost 4 years.”
— Peter H. Tilem, Esq.
WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK, USA, July 13, 2022 / -- A four-year legal battle fought by a retired NYPD Internal Affairs detective ended yesterday when the Staten Island District Attorney’s Office moved to dismiss two criminal cases that had been brought against retired Detective William Nolan. The charges against retired Detective Nolan originated after an investigation into certain computer crimes led to a Richmond County Supreme Court issuing a search warrant for Mr. Nolan’s residence. During the search of Mr. Nolan’s residence police discovered two Mossberg Shockwave 12-gauge weapons with 14-inch barrels which are legal to own in New York as well as two stun guns. Despite the fact that the Mossberg Shockwaves were legal to own in New York Mr. Nolan was wrongfully arrested and subsequently indicted by a Richmond County grand jury for a class “C” violent felony offense for Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Second Degree.

In January 2021, the Mossberg Shockwave felony charges were dismissed by a Richmond County Supreme Court Judge in response to a motion by Mr. Nolan’s defense team consisting of gun rights attorney Peter H. Tilem, Esq. from Tilem & Associates in White Plains, New York and criminal defense lawyer Matthew J. Santamauro, Esq. of Matthew J. Santamauro, PC., leaving Mr. Nolan with a misdemeanor case for possession of the stun guns and a 93 count information charging Aggravated Harassment and related charges based upon certain computer devices that were taken from his residence during the search warrant.

In August of 2021 Mr. Tilem filed another motion seeking to controvert the warrant which was the basis for the search of Mr. Nolan’s residence and the recovery of the computer equipment and weapons based upon the overbroad nature of the search warrant. In February of 2022, a Supreme Court Justice in Richmond County granted Mr. Tilem’s motion agreeing that the search warrant was overbroad, that Mr. Nolan’s fourth amendment rights were violated and that all of the evidence seized as a result of the search warrant must be suppressed.

Yesterday, The District Attorney’s Office moved to dismiss all of the charges against Mr. Nolan ending the four-year legal battle. Mr. Nolan after the dismissal stated: “ I am very grateful for the efforts and dedication by my legal team, specifically, Matthew Santamauro and Peter Tilem for their support over the past 4 years. I am also thankful for those who stood by me, while others attempted to besmirch and slander me. Moving forward is not an easy task under such conditions, however, standing still is not a viable option when confronted by those wishing to do such harm. I sincerely believe that all that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing.”

Mr. Tilem stated: “We are so gratified that we were able to secure a complete legal victory for Mr. Nolan after almost 4 years. William Nolan is a retired New York Police Internal Affairs detective who served New York City with distinction and who was only charged in these legally dubious cases after a dispute with his former boss in the NYPD. As we have pointed out throughout the prosecution, the charges against Mr. Nolan were legally suspect and the result of illegally obtained evidence. The Court agreed at each step. By moving to dismiss the charges, the District Attorney’s Office has taken the just and appropriate action and the necessary step for Mr. Nolan to rebuild his life and reputation. While no amount of money can compensate Mr. Nolan for the deprivation of his rights, he intends to fully pursue his previously filed lawsuit for the deprivation of his civil rights of the law.”

Mr. Santamauro added: "I am pleased with the dismissal of the remaining charges against Mr. Nolan. This case had many legal questions, and the continuing actions of one of the alleged witnesses in the case confirmed the defense's position thereby allowing for a just disposition. Mr. Nolan should be remembered as a person who served his community for twenty years as a member of the NYPD, not for the charges that were brought against him and ultimately dismissed."

The matters were entitled People v. William Nolan under indictment number 623/2018 and Docket No 00225C-2020, both in Richmond County Supreme Court in the State of New York.

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