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Hydrogen Leader Presents Large Scale H2 Liquefier

Hydrogen liquefier 1.5 ton per day in Squamish, BC

Hydrogen liquefier 1.5 ton per day in Squamish, BC

Hydrogen liquefier stations across Canada from Vancouver to Montreal

Hydrogen liquefier stations across Canada from Vancouver to Montreal

Quantum Technology will showcase its 1.5 ton per day hydrogen liquefier at an open invitational day on Friday July 15, 2022 before shipping the system.

SQUAMISH, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, July 11, 2022 / -- Since 1981, Quantum Technology Corp., a Canadian owned and run company, has been a leader in cryogenic and hydrogen technology globally. Hydrogen technology, in the not-too-distant future, will have a significant impact on the way we travel, receive our next-day packages, mow our lawns and power our communities.

This upcoming technology is green hydrogen, and it can be used to power transportation, convert industry to clean power, transition homes, multifamily buildings and commercial spaces to green power, and provide future power-generation at mass scale. The roadblocks currently faced are mostly due to infrastructure barriers and the capital outlay and time to scale. Quantum Technology has the experience, connections and resources to drive this project forward.

Quantum Technology is proposing a solution for connecting all of Canada; from West to East Coast via a series of large hydrogen production and liquefier hubs placed on major highways across the country. In between the large hubs, would be smaller hubs where liquid hydrogen would be transported to, allowing even remote communities to access green hydrogen as a power source.

The hydrogen produced through this process would be 100% green, pulling energy from sources like solar, hydro and biomass and would produce fuel-cell grade purified hydrogen.

Quantum Technology will be presenting its most recent technology; a 1.5 ton per day hydrogen liquefier on Friday July 15, 2022 at one of their Squamish, BC testing locations. The day is open to exclusive invitation only for potential partners, consumers, and strategic investors.

The invitational afternoon will include a personalized tour of the hydrogen liquefier, including its major componentry, a Q&A with the engineers, scientists and project managers working on the system, as well as a hydrogen presentation that will propose a potential solution to Canada’s lack of hydrogen infrastructure.

If you are interested in attending the invitational day, please reach out to Elle Johnston at 604 222 5539 or at to request an invite.

Here is a little sneak peak of the liquefier and you can check out some of the other exciting work Quantum has performed in the cryogenic space - HYDROGEN LIQUEFIER.

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