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Stenonymous Releases Cold Calling List for California Entrepreneurs

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Christopher Day, creator of Stenonymous

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Knowing your customer is essential in business. Here's how one blogger is helping stenographers do just that.

The overwhelming truth is they want court reporters, they need court reporters, they just don't want to pay court reporters.”
— Christopher Day, RPR
STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 5, 2022 / -- The popular stenography blog, Stenonymous, released a list of 1,200 California lawyers and law firms on Tuesday for cold calling operations by entrepreneurs. The blog, known for its lean towards machine shorthand or stenotype stenography over digital court reporting or electronic recording for legal recordation, priced the list at about $0.10 per entry, a price point that Stenonymous blog owner Christopher Day described as "a reasonable price."

In a field of only perhaps 30,000 professionals, the Stenonymous blog remains one of the largest commercial blogs in the court reporting & stenotype services industry. Averaging over 2,000 visitors per month, it favors a mix of zany antics and deep industry analysis to tell the story of an industry some claim is in decline. The height of the blog's popularity so far came in the fourth quarter of 2021, where it received over 20,000 unique visitors -- over 6,000 per month -- and received funding to build consumer awareness.

"Sometimes I feel we're an industry in recline -- " said Christopher Day. "-- too used to sitting back and letting the business walk through the door. Now some of the same companies that we trust to sell our services to the public want to do away with stenographers under the guise of a national shortage. The overwhelming truth is that they want court reporters, they need court reporters, they just don't want to pay court reporters."

Questioned on why it matters, Day expounded on his views. "Make no mistake that the expansion of digital court reporting means lower overall court transcript accuracy, as well as less work and lower incomes for new court reporters. If we lay down on this, we are robbing our new people of the lucrative careers many of us have enjoyed and hurting the lawyers and litigants that rely on our services. There are likely hundreds of students being told digital court reporting is the way to go when we know that traditional stenographic reporting has better earning potential and more career paths. It's not right, even the professionals that find my style off-putting get that completely."

Stenonymous remains a platform for controversial thoughts and opinions related to the skill, art, and society of stenographers. The Facebook discussion group dedicated to Stenonymous advertises itself as a place with few rules in order to facilitate discussion and encourage the sharing of new ideas. The release of the cold calling list, among the more vanilla blog activities, is anticipated to increase third quarter revenue for the blog and increase its monthly traffic.

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