The Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books of 2022 presents, The Apostles Methodology to Interpret Scripture

What if you Realize that Most of the things you learned as a Christian are in blunder?

The Apostles' theology prepares us for the Apostles Eschatology, we will not see the wrath of God.”
— The Apostles Methodology to Interpret Scriptures

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2022 / -- Marcelino Esquilin’s The Apostles Methodology to Interpret Scripture explains how the contents drafted by the Apostles were instructed by Jesus of Nazareth. It is written pointing to a path, not a conclusion and this sets this book apart from other religious books.

Marcelino’s text displays a unique approach to substituting Christianity; a scientific and analytical method to establish common faith among Christian devotees. Stemming from the knowledge of theology, the book suggests that interpreting scripture using Jesus of Nazareth’s message conveyed

through the words of the Apostles is the ideal methodology because there is no speculation. However, this book can be persuasive for those who are not devoted Bible students. The premise of the book is not to push readers towards a particular end goal, but rather focus on the process for believers to embody the word of the Apostles. And thus Jesus of Nazareth, in their daily lives.

Each of the selected scripture references found in the book does more than just deliver the author’s message. They inspire, encourage, and give strength to the persevering believer whose light shines brighter with faith. This Bible study will apply to all readers because of its direct engaging structure combined with biblical verses and narratives that are delivered with such clear precision that it is near impossible to miss the message.

The Apostles Methodology to Interpret Scripture depicts Marcelino’s strong understanding of the depth of his text and provides an extremely crucial component to piecing together each chapter; a series of questions that will serve as a guide for the believers and a list of key terms covered in it.
Marcelino Esquilin (aka Marxel) was born in Rio Piedra, Puerto Rico, in July 1955. Marcelino was pursuing a master’s degree in Theology at Knox Seminary in Ft. Lauderdale while he was revising this book. He received his bachelor in arts, (Cum-Lauden), in Theology at Trinity International University in Florida. He and his wife, Sofia de la Rosa, procreated four kids during their 41 years of marriage and are now grandparents to two beautiful grandchildren and are
expecting another grandchild!

The Apostles Methodology to Interpret Scripture
Written by: Marcelino Esquilin
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