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Tech with Money Requires more Trust on this Weeks JMOR Tech Talk Show (Fintech)

Tristan Pelloux

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Talking about money and now moving to embedded Finances is hard for some people to wrap their hands and minds around

Technology is evolving daily and if your not adaptable to change, you could miss the next big opportunity”
— John C. Morley
FRANKLIN LAKES, NJ, USA, July 1, 2022 / -- Fintech, a new word that surfaced a few years ago but what is it. This is a unique blending of the financial and transactional world into everyday life's products and services to cultivate a great client experience. The Challenge with Fintech is that its a new buzzword, thus many want to adopt it without taking the time and research necessary before making decisions. Financial Services are trying to replicate the models found elsewhere but it becomes harder to monetize business in this industry without having sustainable models. This week we are in for a treat as Tristan Pelloux will be a guest on The JMOR Tech Talk Show to help us understand more about where Fintech is going and many of these stumbling blocks which company's and individuals are facing along the way.

Anyone in the Fintech industry needs to find the underlined trends and be able to connect the dots as to where to move next for the greatest stability and profitability. Many company's have a great vision of what they want but are not always sure how to replicate the models they see elsewhere without a lot of challenges. The big issue many in this universe find is it is not always easy to monetize it and create sustainable business models to facilitate growth forward especially with all the ever-changing regulations to keep the industry compliant .

Still lost about Fintech, it is just the emergence from paper processes and manual systems to digital with strict adherence to granular regulations. There are many systems that encompass Fintech: Mobile Payments, Insurance, Crowdfunding Platforms, International Money Transfers, Lending, Consumer Banking, Rob-Advising, Stock Trading and many more. Fintech is a new way of bringing the process online or via app to facilitate a smart integrated collaboration of information from a larger bank of ever changing resources to deliver a better client experience with more profitability

The JMOR Tech Talk Show recently celebrated its 2nd Birthday this past Sunday June 26, 2022 at The Oakland Public Library in Oakland, NJ. Every-day more and more people are asking questions about technology. How does it work, why doesn't it work, when will it work and how do I make it work to name a few. Those that watch our show find it to be not only educational and inspirational but also information people need to know now. The JMOR Tech Talk Show has been primarily conducted via remote streams however that is starting to change as we will be releasing some shows now with live guests in person which will give another new dynamic to a Show that is all about people, insights and how technology interfaces to them and our expanding world.

This show talks with international guests, authors, inventors, business leaders, professionals and government officials to gain insights for emerging trends and situations that may greatly impact our viewers and their family and friends.

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