The Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books of 2022 presents, I Drew Him from the Water: Adventure, Mystery, Intrigue

Author Shares An Interesting Modernized Encounter of Marissa and Moses in Ramses, Egypt

“We would be experiencing something that had never been seen before and hopefully, would never be seen again. When the Egyptian “slash” Israelite, known as Moses, and our Pharaoh.”—”
— Cecile Long

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2022 / -- Author Cecile Long will be one of the featured authors in the upcoming Los Angeles Festival of Books 2022 with her published book titled I Drew Him from the Water: Adventure, Mystery, Intrigue. The modified genre kind of book tells us how Marissa was a successful news anchor for a news station in Ramses, Egypt, for about five years and the present. She had been doing well on her profession when Moses came to town, and things became abrupt, busy, and trouble. Is this the famous Moses we heard about or not? Further, Marissa has been assigned to do a documentary on Moses and to dream of her first Emmy award. How will the turnout of events be when Moses is under the battle with the Pharaoh?

The author shares, “The book is full of ancient times and traditions mixed with modern times and technology. Although this is a work of fiction, this was a real-life story that took place thousands of years ago; for this reason, some of the characters’ names are real.”

Cecile Long and her family moved to Hazelton, North Dakota in May 2015. She is a writer of children’s play, a Bible-study teacher who loves to read, teach, and spend time with her family and dogs.

I Drew Him from the Water: Adventure, Mystery, Intrigue
Written by: Cecile Long
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