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Tread Partners Announces ReTread

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ReTread Customer Re-engagement Program

Groundbreaking customer re-engagement program producing incredible results

We have had tremendous success for all our clients and couldn't be more excited to see the returns we generate with every new campaign. We put cars in bays and help you sell more tires.”
— Neal Maier
RALEIGH, NC, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2022 / -- Tread Partners announces its new solution for multi-location tire dealers and auto repair shops, ReTread. The program is an exclusive offering designed to bring customers back to the shops after they have been absent for some time.

Tread Partners' exclusive program takes an effective, multi-channel approach over just 90 days. It guarantees an exceptional 10:1 return for all qualifying clients. With targeted digital ads, landing pages, emails, and direct mail postcards, each channel is timed for specific benchmarks and dates throughout the 90 days.

Initially, Tread Partners provides a complete analysis of the shops' customer database to identify the best customers to target. They categorize missing customers by historical sales performance to ensure tremendous success and will qualify the database for possible results. Database analysis includes the identification of lost good and great customers. It excludes customers using another of the company's locations or those who might be unprofitable. Traditional database analysis and preparation take only a few days.

An effective targeted campaign could incorporate targeted digital ads for 90 days, monthly emails, and direct mail at strategic points in the process. A case study of such a campaign shows an ROI of 1916% from 321 returning customers.

Neal Maier, the co-founder of Tread Partners, stated, "When we think about acquiring a new customer, we often talk about a cost per acquisition. How much money are you, as a shop owner, willing to spend to get a new customer? I've asked that question a thousand times and, of course, received a thousand different answers. The answer is usually a significant amount of money - and even more for a qualified customer." He continued, "Under this program, we're fishing in a pond with only trophy fish. We’re targeting a known quantity, knowing their spending history and the kind of customer they've been. The acquisition cost is surprisingly low for a qualified customer that returns and spends at or above your shop’s average."

Tread Partners measures results by the amount of returning customers, total campaign revenue, and the calculated campaign ROI. In every instance, the campaigns have shown themselves to be cost-effective and produce the highest return of all campaigns. It simply costs less to bring back great customers.

Neal said, "We have had tremendous success for all our clients and couldn't be more excited to see the returns we generate with every new campaign. We put cars in bays and help you sell more tires."

Tread Partners has rolled out its program nationwide and is currently accepting new database analyses.

About Tread Partners: Tread Partners is a digital marketing agency that strives to help growth-oriented tire dealers and auto repair shops drive success through insightful, coordinated marketing strategies. Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, the company offers a wide array of digital marketing services for multi-location retail & commercial tire dealers and auto repair shops nationwide. Co-founded by former shop owners, Tread pairs deep industry knowledge with decades of marketing experience, delivering best-in-class results for the automotive aftermarket. For more information, visit

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