Veterans ASCEND celebrates it’s 4th Anniversary

The commitment to Veterans, Active Duty Members and their families continues

SIMPSONVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, June 28, 2022 / -- Veterans ASCEND, an industry pioneer for Artificial Intelligence (AI) skills-based talent sourcing, announces the fourth anniversary of the company’s founding. Chief Executive Officer Robyn Grable, founded Veterans ASCEND on June 28, 2018 with a clear commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity.

As a female Navy Veteran with over 30 years of experience in Human Resources, Robyn witnessed the constant barriers and bias that impede Veterans seeking meaningful employment as they transition from their military service into civilian careers. In her efforts to seek and identify the gaps in military and civilian employment, she found herself leading a revolution in hiring strategy.

Veterans ASCEND has eliminated traditional hiring practices and tools such as job boards, applications, and resumes that allow both conscious and unconscious bias. Instead, a proprietary AI-algorithm has been developed to remove the human-bias factor, and effectively match skills, location and salary to connect interview-ready Veterans with employers who have immediate openings.

“We want to get away from candidates fitting themselves into someone else’s box. Let them create their own box, with the skills that they are most passionate about. When employers find candidates that are passionate about what they do, they create the most productive environment for them. It’s a win, win for candidates and employers.” says Nila Thompson, Chief of Staff and USMC Veteran Spouse “Military Spouses carry the weight of the home upon their shoulders in order for their service member to be able to focus on the mission. Every change of station, they have to ensure the move is successful, get the children reacclimated, school enrollments, doctors set in place, and so many other items on that list. The last thing they do on that list is typically search for their new job, which we all know can take a good amount of time. One of the many things that I love about our AI-Powered Skills Matching Platform is the fact that our Military Spouses can simply update their address, turn their matching on, and let us do the work for them. It is one big thing off of their full plate. ”

The vision of intentional and inclusive talent sourcing is becoming a reality with the growing success of Veterans ASCEND. In addition to Veterans, Veterans ASCEND includes Active Duty members, Military Spouses, Veterans Spouses, and adult Dependents as part of their talent pool. The company continues to actively expand their footprint, engaging Veteran Service Organizations nationwide, and working within military communities around the world.

"Like a lot of entrepreneurs with an idea, we bootstrapped with blood, sweat and tears. says Robyn Grable, Founder and CEO. Reaching this milestone with a team that truly lives our mission is a very proud moment. Working to value a person for who they are, the skills they have and the experience they bring is the ultimate gift. Removing the barriers and bias to make instant connections between employers and candidates, is the ultimate reward. We have a very bright future.”

In celebration of four successful years, Veterans ASCEND is looking forward to the upcoming announcement of their corporate expansion, Talents ASCEND, that will serve even more marginalized talent pools who face barriers to the careers they deserve.


Veterans ASCEND is an AI-powered talent sourcing platform that is breaking the cycle of traditional exclusionary hiring practices through AI powered talent sourcing. With an intentional sourcing model, we match candidates by aligning skills, location and salary requirements with the needs of employers. This innovative way of connecting candidates with career opportunities removes the barriers and bias of resumes, while reducing the cost and improving the quality of hires. Veterans ASCEND was founded in 2018 by CEO, Robyn Grable, a Navy Veteran with over 30 years in human capital management. To learn more, visit

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