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Pangea launches first ever AI passenger vetting system for Border Control

Technology Highlights

Innovative AI border control system assesses over 3,000 opensource databases to verify and augment existing Border Control systems in just a second

We can provide border agencies with highly accurate, actionable insight through one integrated solution, making the security vetting process both more rigorous and more efficient.”
— Rafi Kaminer, CEO of Pangea
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 28, 2022 / -- Pangea, the global supplier of digital identity, security and ePayment solutions, has officially launched the first artificial intelligence (AI) driven passenger background check system specifically designed for border control agencies.

Showcasing at Identity Week in London, from 28 – 29 June, Pangea’s cloud-based 360° Border Control system can analyse over 3,000 open-source data pools to deliver a highly accurate, pre-arrival background check on an individual in just a second, boosting the accuracy of critical decision making. Additional behavioural and body language analysis can also be incorporated into each profile check, enabling a comprehensive 360° view of any individual to aid border agency decision making.

This latest technology from Pangea’s suite of digital security solutions utilises its AI Platform to assess specific historical behaviours and images captured across the internet and social media platforms. Combining this AI driven risk assessment with information from Interpol, border control agents can rapidly assess the need to refer individuals for further background checks or questioning prior to their movement through a border crossing.

The system will never deny entry to an individual. Profile flagging of potential threats would lead to an individual being referred for further questioning, with the accuracy of all critical decisions aided by augmented reality, leaving the final decision to border agents.

Pangea has been operating in the identification and biometrics industry for almost three decades. This launch follows deep analysis of boarder control requirements with several clients and boarder control agencies. Whilst for some time similar technology has been used by government intelligence agencies, Pangea’s solution is the first of its kind to be designed for use by border control. Its cloud-based system is seamlessly integrated into pre-existing border control infrastructure, making it a fast and easy solution for border control agencies around the world.

Rafi Kaminer, CEO of Pangea, commented: “Our technology is helping to overcome the issue of data existing in siloes. Rather than collating and storing data on a single database, Pangea’s technology gathers insights from across existing data lakes. Deploying our AI technology within the 360°Border Control system, we can provide border agencies with highly accurate, actionable insight through one integrated solution, making the security vetting process both more rigorous and more efficient at a time when the global movement of people continues to rise.”

Attendees of Identity Week, London, can find Pangea at booth 710

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