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Mastermind Coach Reveals New Proven Strategies for Overcoming Treatment-Resistant Depression and Anxiety

Superhuman Mastermind Coaching offers tangible solutions for uncovering the root cause of depression and reframing the mind to allow for true healing

I’ve dedicated my career toward helping people overcome their depression and anxiety through my proven methods outlined in this 1/1 mastermind coaching course.”
— F.F. Narcisse, founder of Superhuman Mastermind Coaching
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, UNITED STATES, June 27, 2022 / -- Each day, a staggering 130 suicides occur, with a majority of these deaths related to psychiatric disease. Depression, substance use disorders and psychosis are the three most relevant risk factors for suicides; and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic only exacerbated the issue as many people grappled with anxiety, isolation, stress, grief, and disruption to their daily lives. There is an urgent need for a solution that will give hope to those who, every single day, struggle to find the will to live.

A new approach to treating major depressive disorder, a mental illness that is one of the leading causes of suicide attempts and overall low quality of life, has been created by renowned author and coaching mastermind, F.F. Narcisse.

Through his one-on-one consulting “Superhuman Mastermind Coaching” he identifies the underlying root cause of the mental illness, uncovers trauma stored in the body by asking pertinent questions, and teaches solutions for treatment-resistant depression and anxiety without the use of pharmaceuticals.

Employing his degree in Psychology and years of extensive research on the subject, including personal experience battling major depression, Narcisse utilizes science-based tools and his signature, patent-pending 7-Fold Approach to tap into their psyche and lead them to healing their traumas and eradicating the problems that cause their depression, in as quickly as 30 minutes, and up to four months on a case-by-case basis.

Narcisse’s patent-pending 7-Fold Approach includes:

Unlearning (addressing memories, narratives and perspectives)
Replacing with ideal, desired outcomes and states
Establishing a new thinking framework
Setting behavioral standards
Lens of imagination and perspective
Metacognitive practices
Repetition, Reinforcement, Conditioning, and more.

“Many people struggling with depression either ignore the problem and will forever live a low-quality life, or get caught in the cycle of spending thousands and thousands of dollars on traditional therapies and medications that only place a bandaid on the actual root cause of the mental illness,” said F.F. Narcisse, founder of Superhuman Mastermind Coaching. “Without identifying and addressing the cause of your depression, the cycle will continue. I’ve dedicated my career toward helping people overcome their depression and anxiety through my proven methods outlined in this 1/1 mastermind coaching course.”

The course and coaching is completely virtual, guarantees access to expert advice and services for one year, and includes two fMRI scans from anywhere in the world with no need to travel. In addition, locals to Salt Lake City and those willing to travel can schedule in-person meetings.

Narcisse’s method does not include the typical “bandaids” suggested for those who struggle with depression, including pharmaceuticals, drugs, journaling, dieting, Ayurvedic practices, or traditional therapy. He is able to bypass ineffective treatments by going directly to the source — the inner workings of your mind.

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If you are in crisis, call the toll-free National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

About Superhuman Mastermind Coaching
Superhuman Mastermind Coaching was founded by F.F. Narcisse to provide a tangible solution for people struggling with mental illness and treatment-resistant depression and anxiety. Through proven, science-based and patent-pending methods, Narcisse has helped coach many people to healing, who were struggling with depression and on the brink of suicide. For more information on Superhuman Mastermind Coaching, visit


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