Author, Leadership Coach Mark S. Lewis Changes the Frontier of Hiring With a Highly Successful “Unthinkable Approach”

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The e-book’s interview techniques inspire users to quickly discover a future employee’s potential and whether they are a good fit for the company.

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Mark Lewis is an author, executive coach, inspirational speaker, and business leader dedicated to providing other business leaders with tools for pursuing more compassionate practices and a stronger awareness of core cultural values.

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Lewis’s cultural movement is known as “GIVE A DAMN,” which he considers an attitude of selfless service to others with designs for a kinder, more constructive culture.

Lewis's latest e-book, “The Unthinkable Approach to Hiring,” describes itself as a “a unique and special interview tool" that "builds a stellar work culture..."

Anybody who's got this message has been very successful in finding the right employees for their company.”
— Mark Lewis
NEW ORLEANS, LA, USA, June 28, 2022 / -- Hiring the wrong person can be very costly. Thankfully, a revolutionary technique has saved many companies this cost. Mark S. Lewis, Amazon-bestselling author of "Give a Damn!: The Ticket to Cultural Change," offers a new and highly successful tool to business owners and leaders with his e-book, "A Unique and Special Interview Tool to Build A Stellar Work Culture That Promotes Teamwork & Comradery." The e-book helps organizations implement a better method and strategy for hiring and guides its readers to find those that best fit the company culture and are true to its core values. The e-book is now available for purchase on Lewis's website.

The e-book contains a variety of strategic prompts to use during the interview process to reveal a candidate's motivations, personal values, and ways of thinking. The 1-2+ word prompts allow for a more open-ended approach. A hiring manager can get an informative snapshot of how interviewees solve problems, manage their stress, work with a team, and interact with new ideas. With this tool in the hands of leaders, they can learn details about candidates they might not realize until after hiring, like their ability to collaborate, the level of their communication skills, and how they fit into a company's culture.

"In talking with CEOs, I mention this; It's highly important, and it's a real quick phrase: 'Hire for culture, train for skill," Lewis told Dr. Johnathan H. Westover during a webinar hosted by Human Capital Innovations, LLC, "You can pretty much train anybody for skill if they have the right attitude. But it's hard to change someone's attitude and whether they fit into the culture."

"Anybody who's got that message has been very successful in finding the right employees for their company," Lewis said, "That's what really excites me. This process has been so successful and excites me so much because of our impact in helping people find the right employees for their organization."

"A Unique and Special Interview Tool..." continues the message of Lewis's foundational work for his movement, "Give a Damn! The Ticket to Cultural Change," which has a five-star rating on Amazon and is one of the top bestselling titles in the "Business Ethics" category.

Business leaders from various industries have already praised "A Unique and Special Interview Tool..." Tony Romanos, Co-founder of Louisiana Technology Group, said, "Mark's technique takes a fairly unusual approach to normal interview questions. By using the prompts in his interview book, I believe we asked the right questions to hire an employee that best fits out work culture and who will embrace the way we operate as a company." James Moak, President of Gulf South Technology Solutions, also had high marks for the guide: "We have used many techniques for trying to hire the right people for our company. Mark's interview technique is really awesome and quite revealing when it comes to understanding how a person thinks and would fit into our culture. We've used it twice recently, both with great results. Both hires fit perfectly into our culture. Hiring is always a pain, but this tool makes it a little more fun and easier."

"Unique and Special Interview Tool..." is available on Mark's website here, in addition to his other books, tools, and products for leadership success and re-integrating compassion into the business world and the world overall.

Mark Lewis is a best-selling author, celebrated executive coach, inspirational speaker, thought-provoking business leader, and successful serial entrepreneur. He is the owner of Communique, his business coaching and consulting firm dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and organizations accelerate their growth through developing and using strategies that benefit all business functions. He's helped hundreds of individuals and CEOs grow personally and professionally. His winning philosophy offers strategies for people to enhance their mindset, become more positive and selfless, and serve others with gratitude and compassion. He calls this attitude a "dare" to "GIVE a DAMN." His goal is to create a Give A Damn revolution that consists of ONE MILLION+ members.

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