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The Raptoreum Project Creates 'Feathered Corp' for Growth & Partnerships

Feathered Raptoreum incorporates

Raptoreum, a popular decentralized cryptocurrency project famous for its custom hashing algorithm, 'Ghostrider', have incorporated with focus on future growth

Raptoreum (wRTM:RTM)

LONDON, ENGLAND, July 18, 2022 / -- Raptoreum, a popular decentralized cryptocurrency project famous for its custom hashing algorithm, 'Ghostrider', have incorporated with its intentions focused on future growth. Its new umbrella company - Feathered - based in the Seychelles, was created by RTM core team members - Paul Mills and David Morris and aims to alleviate the growing pains of an early aspiring blockchain. The team says:

'The company was needed in order to move forward with progressing major Raptoreum partnerships with some of the largest exchanges in the world requiring the Raptoreum project to have a permanent base. After months of research on location, Seychelles was chosen as it is free from stifling regulations that hinder and hamper innovation, without any tradition of regulatory overreach, and also the tax status of an IBC there provides an unfettered environment in which we can grow the project as well as handle any potential IP issues that may or may not arise. Now that this is in place, we are excited to be able to do things and make connections like we never have before. We called it ‘Feathered’ as this allows us to stretch our wings into multiple growth areas for the Raptoreum project allowing interconnections under one umbrella. In a time of uncertainty, larger players in the field are looking for trust in a team and accountability in order to support projects due to the lessons learnt from the previous cycle and the bad choices of select coins. With our upcoming code releases and projects that are already building on our blockchain, it is important that nothing holds us back from realizing our goals in providing a full suite of tools for the worlds community of developers, and clearing the road legally for a bump in market cap standings with all the juicy bits that come along with that.'

The Raptoreum project was started in 2018 with nearly 3 years of testnet. Its current mainnet has been running since February 2021 and has seen growth in its SmartNode numbers as seen on the RTM Explorer. The deployment of its SmartNode network was based on timestamped collateral changes which started from 600k RTM, finishing at 1.8m RTM. The project has its goals set in creating a simple asset system with smart contracts executed at node level under the distributed application umbrella of Apache Spark involving common languages such as Java and Python as opposed to other cryptocurrencies. This direction attracted interest as it intends on giving the majority of all developers the chance to build in blockchain technology without learning anything new. It also allows traditional business to easily integrate into growing digital asset classes and automations by utilizing the chain.

News taken from the Raptoreum Blog:

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