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Jim Thebaut, Acclaimed Executive Producer, Urges Immediate Implementation of Solutions to Our Global Crises

James "Jim" Thebaut, President/Founder, Executive Producer/Director

It should seem obvious to any global leader or government institution to focus immediately on confronting the global emergency and immediately implement solutions to confront this emergency.”
— Jim Thebaut

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 23, 2022 / -- James “Jim” Thebaut, Executive Producer of Turning Back the Doomsday Clock Project, is urging action on immediate solutions to the world’s numerous global crises.


Thebaut explains, “The significant alteration of the earth's ecological system and intense global conflict reflect the dangerous state of the planet. Severe ecological transformations are compromising and impacting the earth's land, air, and water systems as well as humanity's very existence. These interconnected perilous geopolitical issues have created an evolving probable global catastrophe and the possibility of humanity facing mass extinction.

Currently, according to Thebaut, the planet is confronted with the following specific realities which are dramatically impacting international security.”


“The climate crisis is causing violent unpredicted weather patterns, flooding, heat stress, unprecedented degradation of global watersheds and deadly wildfires, ecosystem loss, and famine and poverty across the planet.”


“The worldwide spread of fossil fuels in providing energy for the industrial society is causing atmospheric pollution and profound public health impacts and causing millions of deaths across the world every year.”


“Interconnected worldwide water pollution and scarcity, food shortages, and lack of sanitation are emergencies and have created severe health and hunger crises across the world, particularly in the Middle East and Africa, especially in Yemen, Southeast Asia, South America, and other strategic locations.”


“The alteration of the ecological system has no doubt contributed to bringing about the Covid pandemic. It is responsible for the worldwide public health crisis. The transmission of deadly viruses may well very likely worsen as the global ecological system becomes significantly more compromised and the global population continues to be unchecked.”


“It is projected the global population will grow to 9-10 billion inhabitants by mid-century and under current global conditions, this growth will overwhelm the earth's carrying capacity.”


“It should seem obvious to any global leader or government institution of the urgent need to focus immediately on confronting the global emergency and immediately implement solutions to deal with it. While there have been efforts to solve the global warming crisis, they have been hobbled by demagoguery, political-ideological priorities, global divisions, lack of focus, myopia, and general apathy – all of which have created an inability to be even aware of this obvious global calamity.”


“The global crisis needs to be confronted now by the fully existing geopolitical alliances: NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), ASEAN (Asian Countries), The African Union (AU), Middle East Alliance, and other existing global Institutions and alliances. These alliances will be critical in implementing infrastructure and regional planning solutions.”


“A common thread in all the regional alliances is safeguarding freedom and security by political means. Their focus should be on reducing and ultimately eliminating nuclear weapons. This will require the alliances to work both individually and internationally to prevent nuclear war and work with nuclear-armed states for establishing verifiable, enforceable plans to eliminate nuclear arsenals as well as eliminate all other weapons of mass destruction. In addition, conventional and cyber warfare capabilities and arms sales must be dramatically curtailed.”


“The approach is for regional Alliances to establish regional planning and assume responsibility for focusing on rebuilding global infrastructure and implementing public policy solutions. Rebuilding water infrastructure is essential and all urban areas throughout the planet must strive for water independence by implementing water reuse technology (Reverse Osmosis and Membrane Technology). This will allow local government entities to protect natural clean water sources for agriculture and food security.

Other technologies and policies which should also be included for implementing infrastructure solutions include:

-Artificial Intelligence
-Renewable Energy Technology
-Regional Environmental Planning utilizing the latest mapping and modeling systems”


“Implementation of the spectrum of solutions will stimulate the global economies by generating massive employment. It will also expand research into science and new technologies with a focus on eliminating global poverty, and hunger, and dramatically reducing the public health crisis across the world.”


James "Jim" Thebaut is the President/Founder, Executive Producer/Director of The Chronicles Group, an international nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization comprised of communicators, scientists, policy leaders, professionals and academics whose mission is to accurately convey the existential threats confronting Earth in the 21st century. The Chronicles Group, initiated by Thebaut in 2000 as a tool for public advocacy, takes an aggressive, issue and solution-based approach to documenting these wide-ranging and urgent challenges humankind is currently facing, including climate crisis, overpopulation, human rights violations, biodiversity loss, pandemics, weapons of mass destruction, and the water/ energy/ food security nexus.

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