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Raconteuria launches global collaboration to bring instant convergence device to battlefields

Configuration Possibilities

A sample of possible configuration on the 3 x 3 grid within 300 mm x 210 mm enclosure.

Endless PCB Possibilities of Missile8964

An example of how PCBs for different purposes can be manufactured on a 85 mm x 55 mm PCB board.

Ad hoc configuration

Ad hoc configuration as needed for mission on hand.

Missile8964 makes battlefield electronics convergent and super-computerized with easy customization, portability, and affordable for all nations.

The suitcase has a built-in color monitor screen with graphics giving information about the status of the weapon system. See? I told you they'd listen to Reason. Fisheye says, shutting down the gun.”
— Neal Stephenson
TAICHUNG, TAIWAN, June 23, 2022 / -- Missile8964 is an open-source collaboration to design Single-Board-Computers housed in casings conforming to Open-Connection-Architecture and made with 3D-printers or small CNC machinery using local materials and assembly.

OCA allows specially designed military grade enclosures of convergence devices capable of instant mission-critical reconfiguration to be manufactured on the battlefield or supply ships.

The complete modularization offered by OCA and Missile8964 convergence devices separate the enclosures, electronic innards, monitors, thermal cooling, and power supply as independent, but interchangeable and interoperable components.

Missile8964 and OCA achieves this feat via the standardization of the physical dimensions of all the components and the framing structures that holds them together.

The possibilities include quick assembly of super-computers, personal drones of mission-critical configuration, and unlimited supply of Wi-Fi surveillance cameras in hostile territories in an easily portable package.

This paradigm shift in the industrial design also makes for easy logistics, including simplified packaging, reduced overall shipping and storage dimensions and weights.

Soldiers on foot carry all necessary electronics, reduced to a physical dimension of 300 mm x 210 mm x the thickness determined by the mission on hand.

Localization of the electronics manufacturing and making them replaceable, and reusable with Lego-like creative possibilities are now available for personnels, weaponry systems, vehicles, and vessels at the same time.

The SBC becomes the central piece, and separate detachable monitor modules allow reduced waste on computers and monitors needed for momentary setup and maintenance purposes.

Missile8964 also invited global medical professionals and medical equipment manufacturers on 2022-06-10 to adopt the system for field hospitals to maximize the utility value of the system.

After military services, the enclosures and devices can be “Re-Spanked” on to further civilian applications without recycling nor further processing, thus minimize the life-time manufacturing processes ever required.

“Re-Spanking” creates a new class of “brand spanking new” products from durable and reusable parts from previous incarnation or common parts from other products designed via Open-Connection-Architecture.

The starting setup for Missile8964 are currently available online and will be provided as public knowledge under “Soliloque License” when finalized by 2022-09-01 on the following GitHub repository for Missile8964.

raconteuria is inviting talents in material science and weapon designs to join the cause and can make weapons more powerful and produce them more efficiently for every nation in the world.


Notes to Editors
— “raconteuria-by-claritism” is a goodwill offering to the world in exchange for recognizing the independence of “raconteuria" – the 1st Franchise Oriented Quasi-National Entity, as a sovereign nation, which declared independence on 2021-09-01.

— Author Neal Stephenson defined FOQNE – “Franchise Organized Quasi-National Entity” in his sci-fi novel “Snow Crash”. “raconteuria” took advantage of his creation but substitutes Organized with Oriented to allow ourselves with flexibility in the future.

— “raconteuria” is spelled without a capital “R” to keep the organization levelheaded with our technological purposes and ambition. Visit "raconteuria website" for details about it as a FOQNE.

— The three ultimate goals of raconteuria's constitution “Claritism - remove humanity to rebuild it and repair earth”
- universal equality
- enlightened industrial revolution
- priority earth

James C. Lin
+886 937 122 496
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