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Over 100 Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) Members in Toronto Donate Blood to Save Lives

Throughout May, members of the INC across Greater Toronto gathered to donate blood at various Canadian Blood Services locations.

Some families of the INC can be seen here, who were among the 100 plus volunteers of the Church in Toronto who donated blood in the month of May.

Led by District Minister, Brother Glendo Baitan, INC Ministers of Greater Toronto were the first group of Church members to roll up their sleeves for this blood donation campaign.

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, June 23, 2022 / -- Since the start of April this year, the national blood inventory in Canada has “declined by 25 percent,” according to the Canadian Blood Services website. “There is an immediate need for blood,” it said.

To address this need, through the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation and INC Giving Project, members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) or Church Of Christ, again participated in blood donation events.

Last May alone, over a hundred INC members donated blood at various Canadian Blood Services locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

As one donation can save up to three lives, 900 lives have been potentially saved by the INC members who united to donate blood.

Beth Frise, the National Partnerships Development Manager for the Canadian Blood Services, has had many years of successful working relationships with the volunteers from the INC who donated blood.

She noted how the donations across Canada last May had been of much help.

“I've been working with the Church of Christ for many years now. And we all look forward to every day, especially when we see group donations happening across the country from the Church Of Christ, and we're so appreciative. I know many congregations have blood drives at other times of the year. But in May, we see so many group donations happening in the different provinces, which is just amazing,” Frise said.

“We love to have your group, we love that your group, your church has been supporting us for so many years and always look forward to this time of year,” she said.

With locations spread across Ontario as well as the country, the Church Of Christ is one of the Canadian Blood Services’ largest group donation partners.

Last year alone, in Ontario, the organization brought in 27 groups representing more than 350 blood donors to support Canadian patients.

According to Canadian Blood Services, “half of all Canadians will either need blood or know someone who will need blood at some point in their lives.”

Precious Ignacio, an INC member from Scarborough, has donated blood gladly, multiple times.

“I can give part of my life to people in this world... I know that I am helping other people in need,” she said.

The blood donation drive conducted by the INC members in the district of Greater Toronto in connection with the FYM Foundation is a campaign launched by the Church Administration under the leadership of the Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, to help fellow men in need.

“We always do our best to organize humanitarian events such as this to extend our help in every possible way we could,” said INC District Minister Brother Glendo Baitan.

The Iglesia Ni Cristo was registered in the Philippines on July 27, 1914, by its first Executive Minister, Brother Felix Y. Manalo.

The INC has spread to more than 160 countries and territories, with its members belonging to 148 nationalities and races under the leadership of the Church’s current Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo.

The blood donation drive is only one of the many campaigns continuously conducted by the Church to reach out and help those in need. These continuing socio-civic activities aim to forge strong relationships between INC members and their communities.


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