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Dedication to Food Allergy Safety Earns Aramark National Recognition from MenuTrinfo®

Stack of packages and on top are two plaques, both to Aramark.

The plaques sent from MenuTrinfo to the ten 2022 winners.

Photo of Aramark's Senior Food Safety Specialist, Brandon Mathias

Brandon Mathias, winner of 2022 Allergy Award for Food Allergy Champion for University

Photo of Aramark's Corporate Headquarters

Aramark Headquarters

After holding nominations in April of 2022, MenuTrinfo® selected Aramark, one of the top food service providers in the world, for three awards.

Food allergies are not something people choose. At Aramark, we prioritize people and their dining experience.”
— Brandon Mathias

FORT COLLINS, COLORADO, USA, June 21, 2022 / -- Each year, MenuTrinfo® hosts the Allergy Awards, which recognize entities for being at the forefront of food allergy training with a focus on consumer safety and inclusivity. After holding nominations in April of 2022, MenuTrinfo® selected the 6th Annual Allergy Award winners in May. One of the top food service providers in the world, Aramark, collected honors in 3 different categories, including Best Food Allergy Champion for Universities (Brandon Mathias), Best Food Allergy Training for Universities (Gillian Kelly) and Best Overall Food Allergy Program for Universities (Aramark Corporation).

According to, in just eight years (2011 – 2019), the number of people with food allergies in the US increased from 15 million to 32 million. More notably, this includes a staggering 1 in 13 children under 18. Aramark was honored and recognized as a standout in a field with heavy competition and several nominations. Aramark's dedication to its craft and integrity of providing safe and reliable food options for those suffering from food allergies was the driving force behind its selection, and its team strives to continue along this path.

“We are a trusted hospitality partner to thousands of clients across diverse markets,” said Lara Malatesta, VP of Food Safety and Management Systems. “Providing safe, quality food is just one of the many commitments we make to our clients and the customers we serve.”

Malatesta's team and its ability to respond to problems faced in the industry, efficient problem-solving, and stellar communication were all pivotal in their selection as winners. In addition, Brandon Mathias, a Senior Food Safety Specialist, was awarded "Best Food Allergy Champion" for his continued pursuit of providing a safe and wholesome experience for customers who dine at their establishments.

"Food allergies are not something people choose. At Aramark, we prioritize people and their dining experience," Mathias said. "[This award] is humbling, inspiring, and a reminder our work matters and we're on the right track."

Gillian Kelly, a certified AllerTrainer and the current Health & Wellness Manager with Aramark, expressed similar sentiments upon receiving her award for her training capabilities. AllerTrain's Certified Trainers are food industry professionals enlisted to teach and train others how to safely serve those with food allergies or other special dietary needs.

"Our team works very hard to keep students safe and offer inclusive menu items," said Kelly of their diverse menu. "Those students need to have trust that we can provide them safe food, and we pride ourselves on doing so."

Betsy Craig, CEO of MenuTrinfo®, has made it a point to acknowledge leaders and forward thinkers in the food industry who continue to innovate and put themselves at the forefront of food allergy training with a continued dedication to safety.

"We at MenuTrinfo consider it an honor to be the nation's leading company specializing in protecting and saving the lives of those with food allergies since 2010. Creating and delivering confidence with these awards for the 6th year recognizes the true leaders and is the allergy-free icing on the safe-to-eat cake,” Craig said.

Aramark's team knows that the food industry, while continuously evolving, will always require attention to safety and allergy awareness. Therefore, they are steadfast in providing education, resources, and training in these fields, which is helpful and directly supports the work MenuTrinfo offers through their services.

"We are committed to building the competency of our managers and associates through training and certification so that our customers have a resource for their food safety and allergen questions, said Aramark's Malatesta. "Providing access to continuous learning opportunities has been a critical factor in our recent success."

Moreover, Aramark went to considerable lengths to ensure that AllerTrain, MenuTrinfo’s ANAB-accredited training course, was added to their internal Learning Management Software, which was deployed seamlessly and saw overwhelming success. As a result, both teams experienced ease and efficiency, and the trainings were administered and implemented at unprecedented rates.

“Our partnership with Aramark over the last year has been a highlight of my career, and it’s been a privilege to see Aramark increase their efforts to help those with dietary needs,” Craig said.

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