KLCE Introduces a Code of Conduct for the Branded Events

Kuala Lumpur Commodity Exchange (KLCE.org)

Kuala Lumpur Commodity Exchange (KLCE.org)

KLCE.org renovates a set of principles and business practices applicable to a wider market

KUALA LUMPUR, KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, June 18, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Kuala Lumpur Commodity Exchange (KLCE), a pioneering commodity exchange that provides exhaustive and convenient access to the Malaysian commodity markets, today announced the introduction of an updated Code of Conduct applicable within hosted market events under its authorization with the intention to preserve confidence and integrity for the commodity market as well as increase the standards across the industry.

KLCE activates according to a definite set of practicalities which rule the behavior of the market representatives and the decision-making process. The Code of Conduct, which embodies a plain amplification of the exchange’s business principles, offers clear direction and counselling to staff members upon acting according to their official qualifications. KLCE is for good reason satisfied with the high standards of the staff members that prove professional conduct and states that the Code of Conduct will help further underline their obligations towards market participants.

In addition, KLCE’s trademark is used by members and clients while marketing their business matters and organizing various events, thus contributing to the dynamism of the commodity market. All type of events with the participation of the Exchange or that refer to its activity will be held according to the Code of Conduct. By publishing the Code of Conduct, KLCE expects to simplify the continuous amelioration of conduct in the markets. To this effect, KLCE admits that multiple members and clients will undertake solid conduct actions and the Exchange is appreciative to the fact it plays a major role in securing that all market users can expect a highly professional environment.

“Our Exchange has a well-established set of values involving reliability, multiformity, efficient partnerships and involvement. The release of our Code of Conduct enlarges our market visions at the disposal of all interested parties that participate at business developing events”, said Serenban Patelibar, Senior Vice President.

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KLCE.org is a pioneering commodity exchange that provides exhaustive and convenient access to the Malaysian commodity markets. The Exchange's markets offer clients trading opportunities across a diversified range of asset classes all combined with best-in-class post-trade services. KLCE is the main liquidity and price discovery center for Malaysian markets. KLCE hosts are trading in equities, bonds, derivatives, currencies, money market instruments and commodities. The Exchange is also a leader in driving the modernization of Malaysia’s financial markets infrastructure and promoting Kuala Lumpur as an international financial center.

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