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Ending the War with Parents in Public Education

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Educational REHAB: An Unprecedented Opportunity to Restore K-12 Public Education

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Everyone is Welcome at the Educational REHAB Table

Parents and community members need to be part of this rehabilitative plan since our system is their system, too.”
— Rebecca Coda & Dr. Rick Jetter

TONAWANDA, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES , June 17, 2022 / -- Parents are not the enemies of our schools and various state-wide school officials and governing boards agree, now more than ever. Currently to date, 25 states have ended their affiliation with the National School Boards Association according to, Breaking Report, in their June 15, 2022 article titled, " 25 States Have Now Left National School Boards Association As Another State Departs". Headlines on Fox News have also featured many news stories citing parents being labeled as “domestic terrorists”. (see sources below) Parents have spoken out at school board meetings expressing their desire to have a say in their children’s education regarding varying crises from school safety, learning loss from the pandemic, controversial curriculum and other topics. The Federal Government has been following this movement and is taking a pro-parent stance as parents will be instrumental in helping schools to be vital centers of academia which all students deserve.

The June 14, 2022 article in The U.S. News & World Report headline reads, “New Education Department Effort Aims to Elevate the Role of Parents in Schools”. This non-partisan initiative cannot be more timely as Pushing Boundaries Consulting, LLC has released a monumental NEW book entitled, Educational REHAB: An Unprecedented Opportunity to Restore K-12 Public Education. This will assist communities to have a voice at the table for reforming our nation’s schools in critical areas such as evidenced-based instructional practices, mental health supports for children, and curricular implementation that can sometimes become controversial.

“Parents provide critical perspective and they should always have a seat at the table whenever decisions are made that impact their children.
-Anna King, President of National Parent Teacher Association

“We are going to come and have very truthful and very courageous conversations and say the things that need to be said at that table. It's what the department needs to hear, it’s what Secretary Cardona needs to hear and it’s what President Biden needs to hear in this moment.”
-Keri Rodrigues, President & co-founder of the National Parents Union

This newly developed parent council being led by the U.S. Department of Education is a BIG step toward restoring K-12 public education. Anything that impeded success, pre-pandemic, or robs children from equitable and sound instructional practices must involve parental and community voices and input. Parents are the solution and must be at the table in their local school communities. Rebecca Coda was recently interviewed on Daily Flash Trending News & Entertainment where she shared, “3 Ways Parents Can Stand Together to Strengthen American Public Schools”. Ending the war in public education requires a forum or process that provides all stakeholders a respectful way to interact through discourse, a common language and understanding of effective academic practices, and a voice based on perception and needs. Educational REHAB provides the framework to facilitate these war ending conversations, and more. There is power in local grassroots movements and Educational REHAB is a response to the frustration that parents have experienced in recent years. Ending the war will happen when everyone responds to Educational REHAB's "Call to Action" . Parents do not have to wait to be invited to the table of discourse at the state or local levels because Educational REHAB equips parents and any community member to initiate this conversation in a local school community. Everybody can do something!

Educational REHAB can be purchased by schools for use in their communities using American Rescue Plan funding so community involvement can continue to become a partnership, not an unwelcoming battleground for silencing community members. For more information about Educational REHAB or guidance for utilizing ARP funds for this community project, please contact then directly. The Co-Founders of Pushing Boundaries Consulting, LLC and authors of Educational REHAB are accepting interviews at this time.

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