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Legaltech Consultant Has Plan to Help Immigrants in the United States

Immigration is a complicated, stressful, and expensive business. Work is needed to educate and empower them with knowledge and resources in the United States.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, UNITED STATES, June 13, 2022 / -- Immigration in the United States and many other places is a complicated, stressful, and expensive business. Not only do immigrants have the stress of living regular lives, they often have to deal with the stress of the multitude of immigration laws and regulations they need to abide by so that they can operate and remain lawfully in this great country.

Many capable immigrants’ greatest desires is to fully take advantage of this “land of opportunity” in a law-abiding, legal way. Lehi Cruz Trejo, was inspired by the plight of these immigrants who are trying to navigate their lives daily but don’t have the hours in their day required to keep informed of these issues in order to effectively resolve them. With these immigrants in mind, Lehi started Papelito Habla LLC to educate and empower them with the necessary legal knowledge and resources in the United States. Simply put, the idea is to revolutionize the legaltech industry and to provide national benefit to the United States by improving the employability and productivity of foreign nationals residing in the United States.

Lehi’s father, a reputable government attorney in Mexico who worked hard to improve their community, greatly influenced and impressed on him the importance and meaning of education and hard work. Through his father’s example and vision, Lehi pursued his lofty academic and entrepreneurial goals. “Don’t doubt your dreams. Pursue education!” is his own, advice to his younger self and others, acquired from valuable, hard-earned personal experience. As a hard-working immigrant himself, there is no better individual to serve this population than Lehi and his team.

By establishing valuable interpersonal relationships with international authorities and prioritizing clear and regular communication with his clients, he endeavors to help facilitate information gathering on a global scale. Leveraging social media platforms and radio stations, two types of media the immigrant population heavily relies on, is how he aims to establish a reliable source of legal and entrepreneurial information for this population so they can remain compliant with American law.

This type of information gathering and dissemination is what keeps his client base as well as his partners and subordinates educated on the correct principles with which they can thereby govern themselves as well as resolve their clients’ international issues, thereby alleviating the stress and time needed to collect this information themselves. And, since “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest,” as Benjamin Franklin has said, there is no better service to provide than much needed information to this craving population.

Fully headquartered in the State of Utah, he intends to have at least two to three branches in California, Texas, Arizona, Florida, and New York, as well as providing satellite offices in Latin America, in the next five years, thereby delivering much needed quality legal tech and consulting services.

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