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‘Meiergate’ Film Based on Declassified FBI and CIA Documents Reveals Secrets of Watergate, Howard Hughes, and the CIA

John Meier with Senate Watergate investigators

Perhaps the only photo ever taken of the Watergate Committee investigators shows John Meier (far left) with Terry Lenzner, Scott Armstrong, Robert Muse and Martin Lackritz

Film Changes History Exposing what Caused Watergate, the Secrets of Howard Hughes, and the Illicit Activities of the CIA, Based on Newly Declassified Documents

More than 100 hours of interviews with him and hundreds of documents...On the subject of his role in events leading to Watergate, Meier is telling the truth and his recall of detail rivals John Dean’s”
— Playboy Magazine

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, June 14, 2022 / -- The 50th Anniversary of the break-in of the Watergate Hotel, which led to the greatest political scandal in United States History, is June 17, 2022.

A new film “Meiergate” being developed on the life of former United States Senate Candidate and Howard Hughes right-hand man John Meier will change history, revealing the real reason for Watergate, and is based on newly declassified United States Government documents.

Meier has been referred to in the media as the man who brought down President of the United States Richard Nixon and The Las Vegas Sun stated that a movie on John Meier's life would be “much more exciting and bizarre than one on Howard Hughes.”

Meier's son, Entertainment Executive Jim Meier, is attached as one of the Producers through his Meier City Pictures company.

Screenwriters include Author Lisa Pease (A LIE TOO BIG TO FAIL) and former United States Secret Service Agent John Biemeret.

Pease states “I leapt at the chance to tell this story because John Meier worked at the nexus of Hollywood, Hughes and the CIA at a critical time in our history. What the government did to shut Meier down and keep his story from reaching the public was unconscionable.”

After the United States Senate Watergate Committee and Judge Sirica granted Meier immunity, in order for Meier to testify at a public Watergate hearing on the relationships between the Nixon Administration and Howard Hughes, Meier was told that the Watergate hearings were going back into secret session to prevent Meier from revealing what he knew because his testimony would be too damaging and that a lot of people were worried that too much would be uncovered about Howard Hughes' dealings beyond President Nixon.

Meier was going to expose President Nixon, the illicit dealings of the CIA, and what happened to Howard Hughes. This film will allow what Meier was going to expose to the world to finally be revealed. Meier survived 20 years of pressure from the United States Government, its intelligence agencies, and the CIA's worldwide pursuit of him across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Tonga, and the Dominican Republic, including serving several years in prison for crimes he didn't commit, his assets stripped from him, his political destruction, and multiple heart attacks and strokes, in his fight to expose what he knew.

Meier has been a major source to the media, including America's top investigative reporter, The Washington Post's Jack Anderson, and over a thousand articles have written about Meier including the award-winning landmark Playboy article “Hughes, Nixon and the CIA: The Watergate Conspiracy Woodward and Bernstein Missed” and the many books mentioning Meier include “Age of Secrets: The Conspiracy that Toppled Richard Nixon and the Hidden Death of Howard Hughes.” There are over 400 pages of documents related to Meier forever preserved at the United States National Archives because of their importance to the history of the United States and President Nixon talks about Meier on several reels of the Nixon White House Tapes.



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