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Raconteuria launches global collaboration to bring supercomputers to field hospitals

Basic Missile8964 Tablet or Laptop

The basic 300x210 table or laptop packing supercomputing with multiple CPUs.

Missile8964 Mini Medical Instrument or Sensor

Mini medical instrument or sensor with unlimited power supply and removable screen.

Motherboard Types for Missile8964

Alll Possible Motherboard Types for Missile8964 to be manufactured locally in every nation.

Missile8964 makes easily affordable supercomputers available for field hospitals for all nations, be they battlefields or remote and difficult geolocations.

Remember my name … you’ll be screaming it later.”
— Florence Nightingale
TAICHUNG, TAIWAN, June 10, 2022 / -- Missile8964 is an open-source collaboration to design Single-Board-Computers housed in casings conforming to Open-Connection-Architecture and made with 3D-printers using local materials and assembly.

The complete modularization offered by OCA and Missile8964 convergence devices enables the coupling of medical sensors and instruments to produce economic super-computerized field medical stations.

The goal for now is to include possible optometry, ophthalmology, dentistry, and basic health check-up equipments into Missile8964 modules enabled by the unlimited computing power.

The medical sensors, instruments, and tools need to fall within the 85×55×6 (mm) dimension, so they can be powered by and modularized within this system.

The dimensions of 300 × 210 x stacked height (mm) makes the field medical stations portable, mobile and affordable to bring adequate medical facilities to geographically and financially challenged regions.

The starting setup for Missile8964 are currently available online and will be provided as public knowledge under “Soliloque License” when finalized by 2022-09-01 on the following GitHub repository for Missile8964.

raconteuria is inviting talents in the medical profession, electrical engineering and medical equipments and sensors to join in and start imagining and designing the endless possibilities.

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Notes to Editors

— “raconteuria-by-claritism” is a goodwill offering to the world in exchange for recognizing the independence of “raconteuria" – the 1st Franchise Oriented Quasi-National Entity, as a sovereign nation, which declared independence on 2021-09-01.

— Author Neal Stephenson defined FOQNE – “Franchise Organized Quasi-National Entity” in his sci-fi novel “Snow Crash”. “raconteuria” took advantage of his creation but substitutes Organized with Oriented to allow ourselves with flexibility in the future.

— “raconteuria” is spelled without a capital “R” to keep the organization levelheaded with our technological purposes and ambition. Visit "raconteuria website" for details about it as a FOQNE.

— The three ultimate goals of raconteuria's constitution “Claritism - remove humanity to rebuild it and repair earth”
- universal equality
- enlightened industrial revolution
- priority earth

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