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New Internet or Internet 2 made these trade agreements possible .

Clinton signs NAFTA law . Dec. 8.1993. made possible by Internet 2

Al Gore Introduced new internet , first called the Information Superhighway

Al Gore Introduces Information Superhighway later called the Internet (2)

Inventor Dorothy M. Hartman shares more about the secretive trial where she alleges her information is shared with the industry but not shared with the public.

My information then goes to the "internet gang" that then changes its so call History accordingly . Such has become the way of the Internet , Deception and Fraud . No legal trials granted thus far .”
— Dorothy M. Hartman
PHILADELPHIA , PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES , June 9, 2022 / -- She alleges that it is just a way to find out what she says and share with the "internet gang" that then changes its history accordingly.

How did these people go from being ordinary citizens to politicians to millionaires and billionaires in a matter of years ?
“Now I better understand why they are carrying out a secretive , hide -from -the -public court case . Nothing in the court records has any truth to it”, alleges Inventor . First of all no answer has been given by the government at all as to to the inventor’s complaint listed at Document # 1 . They could have entered something , even if to say "ridiculous" but they have not . The fact that it is secretive but involving one of the major National Courts in the nation is suspect in itself . Are the inventor's claims correct ? You would think so from the way things are being handled . Although the Court has not entered an answer from the government to the inventor's complaint, the Court has taken Ms. Hartman’s motions that are all listed by the court in some sort of ERROR , either Clerical or Administrative . None of Ms. Hartman's motions have been entered wholly or without error . In spite of that fact , the Court proceeded to file a Judgment on May 18 , 2022 dismissing the case . This is another bad judgment in a series of bad judgments .

The information shared with the court to support her allegations that her intellectual property was stolen appears to be shared amongst the telecom companies and the government agencies that are addressed in her complaints but the public never sees any of it. Her transmissions to the court are easily interrupted , viewed and captured by telecom companies although Hartman has complained to the court about this the monitoring and surveillance continue . The capture and the change of her content continues . The DOD , Department of Defense or DARPA who gave rise to the Arpanet , the original internet , National Science Foundation and others listed in her complaint appear to have access to her filings. She is finding previous information that she had researched changed . Her motions are never entered in their entirety . She plans on seeking an Appeal based on error – in this case the excluding of evidence from the docket and violations by the court in maintaining correct records .

Especially since this set of trials began in the Court of Federal Claims that is supposed to protect the constitutional rights of the country’s citizens ( Ms. Hartman is an African- American who is claiming a great invention that mysteriously after 1990 ended up as being owned by the federal government) so it is a good assumption that politics are at play here . Furthermore Telecommunications has produced more wealth revenue than the gold or oil boom . One of the major markings of politics in the United States is institutionalized racism and the Biden and no other administration has yet been able to change that . To the right is an illustration showing that the Department of Commerce is apparent owner and centralized headquarters now for the Telecommunications Industry . How and why does the government have complete ownership over this when Hartman claims that this is her intellectual property taken from her and thus far no fair court trial or hearing on it anywhere .Ms. Hartman claims original designs from Merit Networks are similar to hers and are among those exhibits being kept from the public by the ERROR prone docket in the National Court of Federal Claims . How is this one of the world's greatest invention making its debut in the 1990's somehow landed in the possession by the United States with no intellectual property protection . No patenting, but declared a Utility by Obama in 2016 and headquartered in the U.S. Department of Commerce .

To access this court proceeding , you must go to , select Court of Federal Claims ( National Court ) , enter Case no. 21-2214 Hartman vs. United States .

Hartman alleges that the entire internet of today and that has been in existence since 1990 is based on the government’s confiscation of her personal intellectual property entitled the Accessing Accessibility Process – claiming it as their own which is a violation of its own conflict of interest laws and its continued victimization of Ms. Hartman through the illegal trials being carried on now that lack Due Process of Law . This does not bode well for the country because it is a mountain of corruption that was set up to not only empower but enrich government workers . Many on both sides of the aisle Democrats and Republicans have and continue to benefit from insider stock market trading . Further the inventor alleges that from the very start the intellectual property that should have been patented but was not was not protected and was exported freely to nations that participated in the NaFTa Trade Agreements – making those who participated in it rich . The Media including social media and media outlets say nothing about it – because they are also getting a royalty free ride from the Federal Government which declared the Internet a Utility without paying Eminent Domain to the African-American woman who is its true inventor . However the run away inflation is tied to these illegal acts that cover several trials all secret. The smaller internet agencies , webhosts sabotage her videos , websites , and start-ups .

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