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Free Internet, the next carrot before the stick

NSF with ANS - IBM and MCIMAIL with Merit Networks transforms Internet in 1990's

ANS Service Provides Commercial Access To Internet 1990-1991

Is FREE INTERNET the next carrot - before the next stick caused by inflation that the country is experiencing ?

View Case No. 21-2214 in the Court of Federal Claims Hartman Vs. United States - a National Court found at https://www.Pacer.Gov”
— Dorothy M. Hartman
PHILADELPHIA, PA, UNITED STATES, May 10, 2022 / -- "Yes ", says Hartman a retired science teacher who the world does not associate with Telecommunications at all . Yet , this woman is waging a David/Goliath battle in the courts over what she alleges is the greatest theft of the 20th century pulled off by Democratic administrations , first the Clinton-Gore administration and then later the Obama-Biden administration . Biden's recent move to produce Free Internet for millions is a continuation of its dedication and commitment to Telecommunications that has not only been an economic success but has produced wealth for presidential administrations , congressmen, and politicians . Many of them participated in insider trading being aware that the ' new internet had a huge potential for growth in commerce ' - information shared in Hartman's proposals to the Small Business Innovation Research Program and the National Science Foundation . However the inventor's life has gone backwards as her intellectually property has been used royalty free by the government , telecom, and internet agencies to amass trillions of dollars . While those who now use the internet as their communications tool , politics pulpit , and the utility that it was declared in 2016 for profits shared by approximately 5% of the population , the inventor has been driven into bankruptcy and practically impoverished . This Internet the one everyone uses and has only been in existence since about 1993 is claimed by Dorothy M. Hartman as being her invention .

This woman who is African-American is being further censured by the fact that the Biden Administration under the Democratic Attorney General Merrick Garland is holding what she alleges is an illegal trial and continuously denying her Justice already overdue . She claims both the trial itself and its contents are being held from public knowledge and public view . Because it involves a case of an African-American woman with a claim to what would be a large amount of money if Justice is obtained , and involving a Black the case is going about with little notice or even caring . "The truth of the matter is ," says Hartman in this particular case ," not only are my rights being violated and I am being disenfranchised but so is the country" . " Government corruption has become so engrossed and has gained a real foothold on the American psyche through telecommunications that sometimes I deeply regret having become involved as I am both deeply angry and broken-hearted", laments Hartman. However there is a great deal of good that has come from it but lack of proper regulations along with what became a vehicle for enormous greed and power for both government and politicians along with the economic gain became a real problem . The Small Business Administration , National Science Foundation , United States Patent and Trademark Office , and the Department of Commerce are among the government agencies named in Ms. Hartman's lawsuit as she alleges that the government is not just in violation of her personal property rights but is in violation of its own conflict of interest laws .

Dorothy M. Hartman has been fighting for Justice for the past 30 years from the beginning of the 2nd round of the Internet or Internet 2 begun in 1990-1991 when Hartman claims that the National Science Foundation through a deal with IBM , MCI Mail the ANS Consortium working with Merit Networks transformed the skeletal remains of the government's version of its internet called the Arpanet into today's version Internet 2. Hartman claims that Internet 2 , today's version is based on her intellectual property , the Accessing Accessibility Process and that everything about her process or method has been illegally stolen by the government . Find out more here . Under the Biden administration this dishonesty and illegal holdings of the government of Hartman's property continues with illegal court trials that continue to suppress evidence that she is the true owner of the property and the government has failed to follow proper law in securing the internet . Thus leaving what truly is an illegal internet that not only violates the private property rights of the individual whom they are persecuting and sacrificing her rights in order to keep their wealth taps turned on for the lucky few but disenfranchising the country and the American public as well . She shares here an article from Linked In . See disenfranchisement of the law for political reasons in the link shown .

The United States should not be violating its own conflict of interest laws and that is precisely what it has done in its actions in response to the building of the new internet in 1990-1991 after receiving Hartman's proposals on how to improve the then existing government internet- the Arpanet or what were called the "internetting projects". The government does not have the right to violate the rights of any citizen , black , female , handicapped or whatever in order to empower and enrich itself without following certain steps or laws that in this situation were bypassed . Rather than worry so much about how much a black woman would be paid for Eminent Domain for an invention that is used across the globe - the emphasis should be on how much the freedoms and the citizenship and the sovereignty of the nation will be lost by the disenfranchisement of an entire nation . Regardless of the offer of Free Internet which may be a good thing right now to lower the cost of living for American families , keep your eye on government accountability. The Today show around 1993 did not have a clue as to what the Internet was . So no matter how many stories and versions you hear about the history of the Internet - this court case if heard should give the facts .

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