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Prime Minister: evidence-based decision making is a reality

LITHUANIA, June 8 - Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė has given a welcome speech at the 10th European Conference on Quality in Official Statistics, noting the growing importance of macroeconomic data.

‘In the timespan of only two years, Lithuania went through a severe COVID pandemic, the influx of illegal migrants organized by the Belarussian dictator, and this late winter Russia started a war in Ukraine. Each of these situations required swift decision making, situational awareness and perception of the progress we made. During the last two years the data landscape has expanded significantly. And I can say for sure, that without quality and near real-time data, the Government of Lithuania would have been working in the dark. We would not be able to make efficient decisions without proper analysis’, said the Prime Minister.

According to the Prime Minister, this mode of operation was enabled by the transformed Statistics Lithuania. Statistics Lithuania became our single source of all information – reliable and updated – integrating various institutions’ data sources from whatever legacy applications or paperwork they had employed prior. They became our tool for consolidating data and making it available to decision makers at all levels of the governmental structure.

‘I consider this as an incredible transition. In my opinion, the subject of ‘statistics’ always lacked the ‘present’ time, while the Government’s biggest problems lie in the ‘present’. Statistics consolidated data of the past and tried to make it instrumental for the ’future’, somehow detaching itself from the ‘present’. After the above-mentioned transition, Statistics Lithuania became an essential tool for dealing with the problems of the present,’ noted Ingrida Šimonytė.

In the opinion of the Prime Minister, the law will complete the above-mentioned transition by making consolidated data of all governmental institutions widely available for use in the public sector. Thus, making a significant step towards evidence-based decision making, and decisions of a better quality.

The 10th European Conference on Quality in Official Statistics is taking place in Vilnius, with participation of about 350 participants from the EU, the Eastern Partnership and North Africa, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Colombia, South Korea, the OECD, EFTA and other international organisations. The Conference has been organised by the Statistics Lithuania and the Eurostat.