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Every Great Success started with a Little Dream, plus Imagination

Imagine This by Nicholas Sampson

A must buy for children”
— Amazon Book Review

REED DEER, ALBERTA, CANADA, June 8, 2022 / -- “What do you want to be when you grow up?” is a question we were often asked as children and we often ask of children today.

The answers are as varied as there are different types of children and different types of careers and colorful characters.

There is actually nothing stopping children from what they want to become, the only limit to their abilities is their imagination, and in this book author Nicholas Sampson wants to teach children just that.

Does a child want to become a movie star? A firefighter? Or an astronaut? Who are we to say it can never be possible. Today’s most successful movie stars, firefighters, astronauts, cowboys, presidents, lawyers, actors, and surgeons, etc. were all once children who had nothing but their imagination to spur them on. And look where they are now.

The book is also filled with images that can help work the magic of their imagination into a dream.

Full with imagination, Sampson also includes funny scenarios in the narrative, including children imagining their bed turning into ice cream so they can eat their way to sleep.

But the humor aside, the author wants young readers to recognize all the possibilities of who they can become, despite the challenges that are thrown their way. Sampson wants them to realize that their imagination is actually the key to becoming the person they have always wanted to be. And that with imagination the possibilities are always limitless.

Why readers should read this book?

We should never underestimate the power an image can have on a child. We should also never underestimate where their imagination can take them when a little dream is born in their little hearts.

Readers should buy this book for their kids to show them that the only limit in life is that of their imagination. Children should learn that before they can achieve something they must first imagine it and then devise a plan to achieve it.

“Not only did the kids enjoy this book, I enjoyed it as well. This is a very good read! I highly recommend it and would love to see this turn into a movie/series. Author Nicholas Sampson pours his vivid imagination into every page of this book. He’s a great inspiration and I am looking forward to his next book,” one reader writes.

This book and other titles will be launched during the Toronto Book Festival on June 11 and 12 this year.

About the Author

Raised in Rocky Ford, Georgia, author Nicholas Sampson learned to hone the power of his imagination at a young age.

Even then he understood that if people could imagine doing something or becoming anyone, we can also devise a plan to doing or becoming what we want.

Aside from being a writer, Sampson is also a military veteran, a husband, and a father of two beautiful girls.

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