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Uncover the Truth: Connect to your Power, Passion, and Purpose by Reading “Behind the Screen”

Author Carrie Schmidt presents a powerful 7-Step Life Timeline System of Transformation to identify unconscious behavior patterns and reprogram your mind.

FORT MILL, SOUTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, June 8, 2022 / -- People become conditioned by their past experiences. The subconscious mind runs the show. Over time, one can lose sight of the power they hold and what’s really important in life. Most of the time, people are unconscious, distracted, asleep at the wheel of life. In a relentless search for more, we become lost in illusions of perfection, separation, and instant gratification. The search for more keeps the ego thriving, but ultimately leaves us feeling unfulfilled.

Most people see life through a foggy screen. The “screen” is a lens of life, how one perceives themselves, others, and the environment. We are stuck behind that screen—a program, a matrix of perceptions and mirrored reflections. Over time, those experiences influence the way one thinks, feels, and reacts to other people and situations. Actions, whether conscious or unconscious, end up becoming results.

Oftentimes, it takes a wake-up call to see life differently. That’s what it took for Carrie Schmidt, a hard-headed and rebellious teen who learned everything the hard way. A single mother at 25 on welfare and barely able to get by, she shares her realizations and ways of overcoming emotional trauma, relationship issues, judgment of others, and many other struggles that millions of people face alone.

Behind the Screen will change the way readers looks at life from all perspectives. Peel back layers of conditioning and gain a conscious perspective, reading Carrie’s real-life stories in dealing with the effects of divorce as a child, heartbreak, racism and family abandonment as a teenager, drug and alcohol abuse that led to her moment of awakening. Reflect upon your Life Timeline and apply the powerful 7-Step Life Timeline System of Transformation to:
Uncover unconscious behavior patterns and self-sabotaging habits,
Release suppressed emotions,
Reprogram the subconscious mind,
Gain clarity and confidence to take action,
Learn the truth and science behind spirituality from a quantum perspective,
Stop letting fear, worry, shame, or resentment limit your growth

Learn how to overcome the subconscious programming, connect to your power, and co-create a truly desirable life! It’s time we all dive into that rabbit hole and seek the knowledge we deserve to know about ourselves and the Universe. We need to get behind the screen and clean it.

As the Founder and CEO of Infinite SOULutions, LLC, Carrie Schmidt puts the SOUL in SOULutions by transforming lives personally and professionally. She is a dynamic, influential Thought Leader and Motivational Speaker who has the ability to instantly captivate your mind, heart and awaken your soul by empowering you to gain clarity of your purpose in life, overcome limiting beliefs, and have the confidence to step outside your comfort zone. She customizes her approach to meet each clients’ needs and teaches the tools required to actually transform their personal or professional goals into reality.

Carrie teaches a structured system of transformation that helped her transform her own life and now has a significant impact on others' lives. As a single mom at age 25, Carrie vowed to provide the best life for her son. She entered corporate America working an entry-level position in Customer Service and swiftly climbed the ladder in management by showcasing her talents for problem-solving, teambuilding, and conscious leadership. After 10 years of dedicated hard work, Carrie assumed full P&L responsibility for a $100 million unionized manufacturing facility as General Manager. Within 3 months of being promoted to this position, a woman in a mostly male-dominated industry, she led the team to record-breaking improvements.

After achieving everything she ever worked for, Carrie still felt a longing for something greater. She embarked on a spiritual journey of personal discovery and development that led her to research the fundamentals of psychology, neuroscience and quantum physics. She ventured to Los Angeles and studied under Mary Morrissey at the Life Mastery Institute to become a Certified Life Mastery Consultant. It became her passion to help raise human consciousness and teach what she learned as an adult to teens and young adults who need to understand the power of the mind.

Now, considered a Transformational Life & Business Success Coach, Carrie offers life coaching programs, business consulting services, and has released her first book, Behind the Screen, which teaches the 7-Step Life Timeline System of Transformation. Her vision is to reach, teach, and transform over 1 million lives globally by helping raise human consciousness and mental health awareness.

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