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Frank Glassner Sees Trending Themes in Human Capital Management

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 7, 2022 / -- Frank Glassner, along with his elite team at Veritas Executive Compensation Consultants, recently took the time to examine human capital management (HCM) disclosures from businesses to pick up on trending themes across different industries. The goal remains to find ways to use collected data to make positive changes in the future for clients.

Hiring and retaining talent is a big issue in today’s climate. Frank Glassner sees through the studies that companies have been discussing recruitment by highlighting hiring and talent development strategies. In the first and second years of the HCM disclosure, close to 90% of companies cover talent and leadership development. This includes training, mentorship programs, and other quantitative data revolving around participation.

Compensation is essential to attract retain and motivate the best and brightest talent. 83% of companies take a look at their compensation and benefits as a way to bring in new employees while retaining others. The data shows that there is a shift going on with the importance of compensation and benefits post-pandemic.

Psychological well-being and physical wellness and general wellness are stressed more than ever. Just a few years ago, very few businesses took those issues seriously. The average candidate understands the difference that quality psychological well-being and physical wellness make at work and in life.

The pandemic has impacted many aspects of a business, and human capital management is no different. Perhaps the biggest takeaway is that there is a price for top-end talent, and talent will not sacrifice what they want unless necessary.

For example, not giving proper incentives and benefits beyond monetary compensation could cause businesses to miss out on top talent. Glassner and the elite Veritas team constantly adjust their recommendations based on ever-evolving trends forming in just the last couple of years, and certainly into the future.

Most of the study focuses on the general picture of human capital management, which can only do so much for Glassner’s elite team. The client's bespoke-style consulting firm consistently tailors all of their data and recommendations to fit each client's needs best, since each client is as individual as a fingerprint and is always treated as such.

It is this type of world-class analysis and recommendations that Frank Glassner feels differentiates them from everyone else. Taking into consideration a global wealth of information allows them to make intelligent decisions and advise their clients with a level of excellence that is unequaled by any other firm.

Frank Glassner is Chairman and CEO of Veritas Executive Compensation Consultants. As the head of the Firm and leader of the firm's executive compensation consulting practice, he plays a huge role in keeping the company‘s reputation as one of the leading executive compensation firms in the world. He brings over 40 years of experience to the field of compensation and strategy consulting.


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