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Impassioned Mass Shooting Editorial by School Sophomore Earns "Best of SNO" Honors

WSPN’s Kally Proctor discusses the Uvalde shooting and steps schools and policymakers could take to decrease the number of mass school shootings in the United States.

Wayland (MA) High School sophomore says she is afraid, suggests potential options combining gun control and local programs to curtail mass school shootings.

I am a sophomore and I am afraid...It used to be that I was afraid of chemistry. Now I am afraid for my life...It could happen to me. It could happen to you. It’s time we take action to change that.”
— Kally Proctor, Wayland High School Sophomore

WAYLAND, MA, USA, June 3, 2022 / -- Wayland (MA) High School sophomore Kally Proctor has earned "Best of SNO" honors for her recent impassioned editorial: "Some questions, some answers: A high school sophomore’s take on school mass shootings in America", originally published on June 1st on the Wayland Student Press Network.

Best of SNO is awarded by Student Newspapers Online to recognize the best journalism from among 532 participating schools. According to the organization "Best of SNO showcases the best student journalism from members of the SNO Network. We post new content daily, introducing your work to an international audience and giving students the extra kudos they deserve."

Proctor begins the editorial by sharing her fears: "I’m a sophomore in high school and I am afraid. I’m afraid for myself and afraid for my country. I go to school every day, I work hard, I take it seriously, I generally have fun, and yet, I am afraid. It used to be that I was afraid of chemistry tests. Now, I am afraid for my life."

In the editorial she asks asks questions, such as how we got here and suggests potential "answers", ranging from banning assault weapons, to increasing gun eligibility to 21 years old, to increased school security and better school and community programs.

"The 'answer' is complex and likely involves multiple strategies at multiple levels, from in-school programs to federal and state policies," says Proctor. She supports increased school security but falls short of arming teachers with guns, noting that: "an increase in loaded weapons in possession of non-trained security personnel seems like a recipe for disaster."

Nevertheless, she falls short of suggesting a recall of the Second Amendment: "I’m not seeking to repeal the Second Amendment...So, as much as I may dislike guns personally, I’m not proposing banning small, non-automated, non-extreme caliber weapons like conventional pistols and rifles," she adds.

"But it wouldn’t be trespassing on the American Constitution, a precious document if there ever was one, to conclude that the Second Amendment doesn’t give us the right to bear any and all arms, just some arms," she argues. She also notes that "we already banned assault weapons for 10 years under Bill Clinton in 1994, and the Second Amendment survived just fine."

In the end, Proctor concludes: " The biggest problem isn’t that this is happening here and there. It’s that it’s happening everywhere and much too frequently for anyone’s peace of mind. This is why I’m scared: It could happen here. It could happen to me. It could happen to you. It’s time we take action to change that."


Kally Proctor is a reporter and co-Features Editor for the Wayland Student Press Network (

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