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Politics continues to grow in prominence and importance in American society as more and more people take a strong interest in the country's political course.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, June 14, 2022 / -- Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is prepared to help any company with ambitions of growing its customer or client base. There are extensive business postal mailing lists for companies that deal directly with businesses. These lists include the information crucial to business marketing, such as the name and corporate title for the right person to contact within a company for making decisions on these high-volume transactions.

Then there are businesses with more of a focus on the general public. The many consumer postal mailing lists will get the job done for these companies. These databases cover a vast range of geographic and demographic needs. Whether a company works in B2B or aims its products and services at the retail consumer, the correct database is there for more precise market targeting.

How Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Got Its Start
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing began as the dream of a disabled veteran. Once the responsibilities of a military career had been completed, the next step was to move away from defense to something more growth-oriented. That growth would focus on the economy, specifically by helping businesses expand and find clients or customers fundamental to healthy development. The idea took on life as a small start-up, which grew steadily and with great success. That same start-up has a staff with over 50 years of combined industry experience in the marketing sector.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing made its entry into the industry in a time of transition. Traditional marketing techniques were still dominating the field. Still, digital already had a small, growing presence, and, having proven itself in other industries, people were aware it could be a significant disruptive influence. The company's initial focus was on direct mail, but despite being a more traditional marketing method, it imparted critical skillsets for data acquisition, management, and analytics.

As some had predicted, digital marketing made rapid inroads and suddenly took on great importance. Thanks to its data-centric focus and integrated digital marketing into its range of services, the company was well-positioned to take advantage of this. This provided a critical early mover advantage that yielded significant gains for both the business and clients it served.
Since its inception, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has grown far beyond its initial service range of only the hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. The company now provides marketing coverage for the entire United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. It also has databases for clients wishing to move past the border, giving total access to the North American market with databases for Canada and Mexico. There are even select databases for businesses ready to go international and cross the Atlantic to penetrate markets in the European Union like France.

Politics Matter
There's a growing sentiment, especially in everyday conversations, to "keep politics out of it," but the reality of the situation is that everything is political. The reason America is not like China or Russia is political. The reason people can work hard in America and keep the profits of their business to enrich themselves and their family is political. Being able to say "keep politics out of it" is political when other countries have laws against any political criticism. Even being able to buy a rifle that is not strictly for hunting is political. Politics weaves itself into the fabric of everyday American life; it's just that because it is there and stable, it doesn't feel like politics to some Americans, just "the way it is."

It's because of this that elections are so important. While many American understandably focus on the most important election of all, the Presidential election, to determine who will lead the entire country, it is the state and local level elections that have the most significant impact on the life of the average American. State-level polls, for example, determine the outcome of the quality and type of education children receive or whether marijuana is illegal, only medically approved, or sold and used recreationally the same way alcohol and tobacco products are.

In the same way, local elections can have a significant impact on people right where they live, determining municipal policies like whether roads are repaired, snow is cleared out in the winter, or whether a new condo complex will go up in an area, or turned into a park for residents to enjoy with their families.

And while in politics, anyone can run for an election, and there are plenty of people who go the "Independent" route, the majority of politics in America is determined by one of two parties, the Democrats or Republicans. And this is where the majority of votes from Americans will go.

Parties Are About Policies
While it was one of the founding fathers himself, George Washington, who first cautioned the emerging nation of America against the dangers of political parties, particularly partisanship, party systems were not only standard but, in some ways, inevitable. After the success of the American Revolution, as the new nation forged a path for itself, there were three key areas where new Americans were divided. These areas were the economy, foreign policy, and government structure.

On the one hand, one of the founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton, was a "Federalist" who believed that a government system should exist and be similar to the British system. On the other, Andrew Jackson was an "Anti-Federalist." He believed that if America had revolted against the British, its political system should not mirror the plan they had just broken away from. Hamilton believed in a central government, a federal treasury, and a national army. Jackson preferred things to be at the state level. He didn't want to see any power concentrated in a central organization.
Two primary opposing viewpoints would arise from these foundation ideas on the structure of law and government. Ironically, however, the names and positions have changed over the intervening centuries. Today, the Federalist point of view is primarily represented by the Democrat party. At the same time, the Republicans hold the Anti-Federalist view. Still, in generations past, the situations have been reversed, such as during the Civil War, when what would be viewed as Republican ideologies were held by the Democrats of the time.

The Politics Of Today
Today's political environment is dynamic and divisive, generating more interest in the political activities of both parties at all levels. Controversies abound with different Presidents and different party positions, from handling the COVID-19 pandemic to the appropriate level of support—if any—for Ukraine as it struggles against Russia. We are now at a point in American history where the hostility between parties and Presidents is at an all-time high, with both the current and previous President at levels of approval from opposing parties that are historically low.
Increasingly, this has meant that politics is not just a matter of ideology but identity. The stark divide in belief systems is now defining itself as character traits and aspects of identity, where being a Republican statistically has a high likelihood of living a particular lifestyle. The same is true for voting as a Democrat.
From a business and charity perspective, this has simplified many aspects of marketing. As political affiliation becomes a matter of behavior and identity, making certain assumptions about markets and demographics based on political affiliation alone makes it possible.

Successful Marketing Is About Understanding Your Market
This is where the importance of good marketing makes itself known. Marketing is about understanding and alignment. It is about having a product or service, then taking the time to understand who would benefit from that product or service, and ensuring that they know what they need is available from a particular business. Someone with no blood sugar issues, for example, has no use for insulin. But someone diagnosed with diabetes would find insulin and associated diabetic products and services helpful and want to know more about them, likely resulting in transacting some business with the appropriate companies.

In the same way, someone who is a Democrat and is likely interested in progressive causes such as abortions would be more receptive to family planning products and services than someone Republican, who would be more statistically likely to have an adverse reaction. The more rigidly defined beliefs and purchasing behaviors of today's Republicans and Democrats. This can lead to a variety of different products and services that will be more positively received depending on the political outlook, such as:

This has increasingly become a visible talking point for both political parties, but for Republicans, in particular, merchandising that can be worn, adorned on vehicles, or even on a property has proven extremely popular. Many former President Donald Trump supporters continue to have an active interest in Republican merchandise in general, but Trump-related products in particular. Whether this is shirts to wear, signs to put on the home, or decorations, decals, and other accessories to put on a vehicle, there is a strong interest in merchandise that makes political affiliation visible to others.

When it comes to charitable causes, lines tend to be firmly defined between Republican and Democrat interests. Charities to aid the less fortunate, such as the homeless or refugees, tend to be more strongly favored among Democrat voters. On the other side, Republicans are more likely to respond to religious charity efforts, mainly Christian, as that is the dominant faith within the party. Different people will always have other ideas of which charities they are interested in. While one demographic may be interested in helping feed children in Africa, another may be more interested in domestic charities, such as assisting orphaned American children. Again, political affiliation often plays a vital role in helping to define which charities will be more receptive to a person.

Studies have shown that Republicans and Democrats even have different mindsets regarding the metrics for purchasing products. While individual tastes will still be the final judge, there is a statistical association in how people aligned with these political parties choose to buy many retail items. Republicans, for example, statistically lean more toward luxury items. Products that indicate the owner is of a higher class or surpasses others materially tend to gain more favor with Republican buyers. On the other hand, individuality or rarity is statistically more favored by Democrats. Unique fashions, designs, and things that stand out apart and are less generic or "cookie-cutter" are favored by those that vote Democrat.

In this regard, carefully tailoring the right product to the correct political demographic can make a huge difference in its reception. Knowing a potential customer's political affiliation can help chart out a more accurate marketing campaign and find the right audience for that product.

Media products and services, in particular, have heavy leanings toward political affiliation. Conservatives, for example, have their own social media platform in the form of "The Truth" social media app, owned by Donald Trump himself, or a preference for watching conservative journalists, such as Fox News, while Democrats frequent social media platforms like Twitter or watch CNN.

For different media types, whether digital, music, fiction, magazines, podcasts, or other forms of content, political affiliation very much defines people's media preferences. The type of entertainment or journalism products and services that will appeal to an American can be better predicted with knowledge of their political leaning.

Political Causes
Finally, donations, volunteer work, and participation in political actions are clearly defined by political affiliation. A Republican will have no interest in donating to a Democrat candidate or cause. A Democrat voter has no interest in supporting a Republican candidate or cause.
Any political action mustn't seek out the lowest common denominator. Trying to hit a large, random population with a specific political agenda will guarantee refusal from many participants because it opposes their views. The best way to engage someone and create a higher likelihood of interest and positive response is to know that a cause aligns with their perspective.

Finding The Voters
The vast majority of Democrat and Republican voters will be registered, though this doesn't necessarily guarantee they always vote for the party they are registered with. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing offers databases with complete geographic details on voters. This means that charities and businesses can target as many people as possible or narrow things down. Specific regions of the USA can be focused on, for example, only targeting Republican voters in the southern states. Individual states can also be targeted, like only Democrat voters in California. Specific cities or neighborhoods can be targeted, focusing on Republican voters in Brooklyn, New York City.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing can also provide voter databases for Democrats and Republicans based on demographic requirements, which can sometimes be critical. A marketing campaign, for example, maybe best received by Republican "Baby Boomers" who are over the age of 60, so this age group can be provided on request. Or a service may be better suited to Democrats of Asian American descent. In this case, ethnic categorizations can be provided. A Republican cause may appeal the most to a specific faith, such as Evangelicals, and this type of faith-based classification can also be provided. It's also possible to get databases divided along financial lines, targeting only high net worth Republican or Democrat voters.

The contact details are available based on marketing needs. Physical mailing addresses are standard, but email addresses for digital marketing efforts are also available. Telephone numbers can be requested for any telemarketing strategies. For text/SMS-based marketing campaigns, cellular phone numbers can be provided.

Some businesses may be interested in hands-on direct mail campaign management but feel reluctant due to a lack of experience. There are turnkey direct mail solutions available for this. This exceptional service guides clients through every stage of the immediate mail process. It's all here, from concept to design, manufacturing and printing materials, and distribution using the desired databases. Every service happens under one roof, eliminating the usual need to source and vet the different vendors usually required at each phase.

If you're interested in contacting Democrat and Republican voters around the country, contact Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing. You support an American company owned and operated by a disabled veteran when you work with us.

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