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Acadex Network Launches Its $30,000 ACDX Airdrop

Acadex Network Airdrop

Acadex Network Airdrop

Acadex Network Name & Logo

Acadex Network Name & Logo

Acadex Network Pioneering Decentralized Education Network

Acadex Network Pioneering Decentralized Education Network

Learn and Earn has progressively become full proof as the Acadex Network has claimed the underlining discussion topic in an array of crypto communities.

LONDON, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 29, 2022 / -- Making appearances in a handful of launchpads and onward, the network has remained resolute and unwavering in its pioneered decentralized education network voyage. Instituting blockchain's first Proof of Knowledge (PoK) consensus to reward academic excellence, and exploiting blockchain, smart exchange, decentralized finance, NFT and the metaverse to upscale global education quality and learning systems.

The unraveling of the ACDX token utility in the spread of AMA sessions held across communities has never seized to be a jaw dropping moment. Sparking enthusiasm from all quarters, the network in one of its public outings, aced an oversubscribed sale in a matter of minutes. For the majority, familiarizing with the educational transcendence and business model the network embodies, was sure to instill fervor and trust in the Acadex vision.

For Our Steadfast Community Members
It is well acknowledged and appreciated that the engagement shown by the resilient #AcadexArmy has kept us at the forefront of blockchain's next rated discussion topics. In our gladdened accord, we wish to announce the second round of the Acadex Network Airdrop which begins May 29th, 2022. As an official avenue to incentivize our loyal followers, and cross-community interests, we would be amply rewarding participants for their social engagement activities and choice referral programs. With around $30,000 worth of ACDX tokens up for grabs, there's certainly allowed accumulative rewards per participant. The airdrop campaign is primarily scheduled to last for 31 days with limited slots.

Take a moment to familiarize with the technical profile of this peculiar airdrop.
Reward: 500 ACDX
Referrals: 500 ACDX
Winners: 3,000 users with successful task completion.
Top Referrer: Top 100 referrers will be rewarded ACDX.
Airdrop Start Date: 29.05.22
Airdrop End Date: 30.06.22
Distribution Date: See Details

Airdrop Participation Guide
To fully claim rewards you MUST complete ALL tasks:

▪️ Join the campaign via our Airdrop Bot
▪️ Visit Our Website:
▪️ Follow Our Telegram Group
▪️ Follow Our Telegram Channel. React with an emoji and Comment on at least 2 posts.
▪️ Follow us on Twitter
▪️ Submit Twitter Username
▪️ Like, Retweet and Tag 3 friends on Pinned Tweet. Make a unique positive comment with @acadexnetwork $ACDX #ACDX #AcadexArmy
▪️ Like, Retweet and Tag 3 friends on the next Tweet. Make a unique positive comment with @acadexnetwork $ACDX #ACDX #AcadexArmy
▪️ Follow Our Medium, like, comment. and give 20 claps on at least 2 posts.
▪️ Submit Medium Username.
▪️ Follow Us on Instagram. Like, comment and tag 3 friends
▪️ Submit Instagram Username.
▪️ Write a 5-Star review on TrustPilot.
▪️Submit TrustPilot Username.
▪️ Add us to watchlist on CoinMarketCap & follow us on CoinMarketCap's Cryptown. Like, Comment and Share 2 posts. Make a unique positive comment with @acadexnetwork $ACDX #ACDX #AcadexArmy
▪️ Submit BSC Address.
▪️ Your unique referral link will be created which you can use to refer friends and earn 500 ACDX for each successful referral.

Attributes of the ACDX Token and Benefits
Rewards for the airdrop campaign are to be disseminated using the revolutionary multi-chain and multi-purpose ACDX token. A concise breakdown of its attributes, portraying our tokenomics include:
▪️ Private Sale: 9% ~ 90M ACDX. This allotment caters for the exclusive seed fundraising from strategic investors.
▪️ Airdrop: 1% ~ 10M ACDX. This allotment caters for token reward disbursements for community promotional service. Non-disbursed tokens in this batch are to be burnt.
▪️ Public Sale: 40% ~ 400M ACDX. This allotment caters for the Initial DEX Offerings. Unsold tokens in this batch are to be burnt.
▪️ Initial Exchange Liquidity: 10% ~ 100M ACDX. This allotment caters for foremost liquidity provision on exchanges.
▪️ Ecosystem Fund: 10% ~ 100M ACDX. This allotment caters for ecosystem products development, deployment and legal.
▪️ Marketing and Bounty: 10% ~ 100M ACDX. This allotment caters for marketing campaigns, PR runs, partnership fulfillments, administrative contracting and bounty rewards.
▪️ Team & Foundation: 10% ~ 100M ACDX. This allotment caters for remunerations, welfare and statutory holdings of our sedulous team members and founders.
▪️ Reserve: 10% ~ 100M ACDX. This allotment caters for any supply allocation deficit and market stabilization protocols.

And for the benefits that abound for its holders, here are an outlined few.
▪️ Learners Rewards: PoK as a first for DeFi platforms, entails that the study hours spent and excellence in completion, ploughs back the ACDX token for the learner who holds ACDX throughout the study time. These rewards are from the Academa or third-party study pool and its staggering crypto-cashback system. Additionally, the ACDX is to progressively facilitate transactional proceedings for the metaverse VR Learning, Reading and Internships.
▪️ Student Payment Plan & Lending: Holders who collateralize ACDX for student loans or payment plan, stand to experience an interest reduction or fee slash.
▪️ Fees & Payments: ACDX is fully equipped to achieve bolt fast transactions at a discounted fee, if the user has a Learners ID given by Academa. And for integrated fee payments, transaction charges are to be the lowest contemporarily.
▪️NFT Minting: After the launch of the AcadChain, learners & creatives can facilitate NFT minting on AcadFunjies using ACDX token, at the lowest industry fees.
▪️Chain & Launch Pad: Entrepreneurs and communities who wish to collaborate with AcadLabs in floating their projects, would have to hold a certain amount of ACDX, more so, execute fee deductions.
▪️Deflationary Supply: At 1B maximum token, there would be a quarterly burn rate of 0.5%. This is to ramp up price action by exploiting scarcity.

In the spirit of the Acadex Network Airdrop, global awareness and community solidarity for an upscaled global education quality is the ultimate goal.

About Acadex Nework
Acadex Network is the World's Pioneering Decentralized Education Network, introducing blockchain's first Proof of Knowledge (PoK) consensus.

Bound to upscale the global education quality and learning systems, by instituting study inclusiveness, subsidized student loans, reward learners, authors, , creatives and curb study certificate forgery, blockchain intellectual property copyrighting and authentication using NFT, AR & VR technology.

Acadex Network
Acadex Network
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