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The Acadex Network Launches Its Round 1 Initial DEX Offering (IDO)

Acadex Network IDO Round 1

Acadex Network IDO Round 1

Acadex Network Name & Logo

Acadex Network Name & Logo

Acadex Network Pioneering Decentralized Education Network

Acadex Network Pioneering Decentralized Education Network

Blockchain's first Proof of Knowledge (PoK) consensus protocol Acadex Network, Launches Its Round 1 Initial DEX Offering (IDO).

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 14, 2022 / -- The blockchain holistically, has garnered wide spread adoption in a variety of industries, and this time, we are presented with a distinctive groundbreaking entry into the education sub space. Coming from a sedulous conceptualization, and driven by global need, the Acadex Network has meticulously curated a transformative decentralized education network that assuredly poses to accentuate global learning. Spanning from its blockchain’s first Proof of Knowledge (PoK) consensus, fulfilling learn and earn, to a host of revolutionary utilities including metaverse learning facilitated by VR & AR. 

In full effect, the network is thrilled to officially announce the launch of its grossly awaited IDO. Setting off with the first round, the Acadex Network Token “$ACDX” is now open for public acquisition. The utility packed ACDX token synergistically magnetizes transactional processing for all native ecosystem structures and third party executions. With the inevitable broad usage and abounding holding benefits, price action dynamics are effortlessly geared towards sustainable value. 

This round 1 sale is to be ongoing on the Acadex Network website up until May 13th, 2022. The majority of the Web3 wallets are compatible for connection and transacting on the network’s platform. 
Prospective investors are advised to familiarize with the sale's attributes to stay guided with their proceedings. 

Join The Presale: Acadex Network Presale

Medium: IDO
Token Sale Date: 14 APR - 13 MAY
Total Tokens: 200,000,000
Price: 0.03 USD
Tokens Accepted: BNB, BUSD
Min. Transaction Amount: 0.1 BNB, 50 BUSD
Max. Transaction Amount: 5 BNB, 2000 BUSD
Distribution: 10% at TGE, then linear release for 12 months


As earlier spotted, the ACDX token is characteristically capacitated with profound utilities and as well benefits. 
▪️ Learners Rewards: PoK, a first for DeFi platforms, entails that the study hours spent and excellence in completion reaps ACDX token allotments for the learner who has held ACDX throughout the study time. These benefits are provided by Academa, and its staggering crypto-cashback system. Student ▪️
▪️ Payment Plan & Lending: Holders who collateralize ACDX for student loans or payment plan, are slated to be effected with an interest reduction or fee slash. 
▪️ Fees & Payments: The ACDX token is rigidly equipped to permit swift transaction times, and at a discounted fee for users with Learners ID given by Academa. More so, for integrated fee payments, the metaverse learning and XR intern placement earnings would be instrumented by ACDX. 
▪️ NFT Minting & Freeze Rewards: Asides facilitating NFT minting at the lowest industry fees, NFT Freeze opted for ACDX rewards disbursements get to attain higher APYs. 
▪️ Chain & Launch Pad: Entrepreneurs and communities who wish to collaborate with AcadLabs in floating their projects, would have to hold a certain amount of ACDX, more so, execute fee deductions. 
▪️ Deflationary Supply: At 1B maximum token, there would be a quarterly burn rate of 0.5%. This is to ramp up price action by exploiting scarcity. 

Having a maximum supply of 1B tokens, the ACDX distribution allocation is prudently evaluated to mitigate anti-price stability market makers and oversized ownership. 


The maximum $ACDX supply will be 1,000,000,000 (1B) tokens. Token allocation details are as follows:
▪️ Private Sale: 9% ~ 90M ACDX. This allotment caters for the exclusive seed fundraising from strategic investors. 
▪️ Airdrop: 1% ~ 10M ACDX. This allotment caters for token reward disbursements for community promotional service. Non-disbursed tokens in this batch are to be burnt.
▪️ Public Sale: 40% ~ 400M ACDX. This allotment caters for the Initial Dex Offerings. Unsold tokens in this batch are to be burnt. 
▪️ Initial Exchange Liquidity: 10% ~ 100M ACDX. This allotment caters for foremost liquidity provision on prominent DEXs and centralized exchanges. 
▪️ Ecosystem Fund: 10% ~ 100M ACDX. This allotment caters for ecosystem products development, deployment and legal. 
▪️ Marketing and Bounty: 10% ~ 100M ACDX. This allotment caters for marketing campaigns, PR runs, partnership fulfillments, administrative contracting and bounty rewards. 
▪️ Team & Foundation: 10% ~ 100M ACDX. This allotment caters for remunerations, welfare and statutory holdings of our sedulous team members and founders. 
▪️ Reserve: 10% ~ 100M ACDX. This allotment caters for any supply allocation deficit and market stabilization protocols. 

Imminently, the network’s exchange listing, staking pool, and trading quest partners would be duly communicated. Stay tuned as other exciting updates are underway amid the presale. 
Beware of imposters and please note that the ACDX token is not currently traded on any platform at this exact moment until announced. 

Tell a friend to tell a friend, that we all can be not only be ambassadors, but also stakeholders in upscaling global education quality. 

P.S. Our airdrop is still on, we invite you to share with your friends and family let's grow together.

About Acadex Nework
Acadex Network is the World’s Pioneering Decentralized Education Network, introducing blockchain’s first Proof of Knowledge (PoK) consensus.
Bound to upscale the global education quality and learning systems, by instituting study inclusiveness, subsidized student loans, reward learners, authors, creatives and curb study certificate forgery, blockchain intellectual property copyrighting and authentication using NFT, AR & VR technology.

Acadex Network
Acadex Network
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