Registration is Open for "Building Quality Digital Assessments for Lifelong Learning" - June 7 -8, 2022

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This is ATP's 3rd virtual EdTech and Computational Psychometrics Summit (ECPS), and will be preceded by a virtual Pre-Summit Workshop on June 6th

ECPS is a deep dive into how computational psychometrics interfaces with emerging educational technologies to create new and better ways to support all learners”
— ATP Chair Alina von Davier, Ph.D.
WASHINGTON, D.C., US, May 24, 2022 / -- The EdTech & Computational Psychometrics Summit (ECPS), hosted by the Association of Test Publishers (ATP), is a virtual Summit that shines a light on the science of testing and its broad impact on the design and delivery of life-long learning solutions.

"ECPS is a deep dive into how computational psychometrics interfaces with emerging educational technologies to create new and better ways to support all learners – whether they are in a K-12 classroom, a college classroom, a workplace setting, or a remote learning environment. This year we will take a closer look at all the issues surrounding digitized assessments, which is far more complicated than just converting paper and pencil tests to an electronic version. And we will hear from experts not just concerned with the science behind developing digitized assessments, but also about the application and the business of these new technologies," remarked ATP Chair Alina von Davier, Ph.D.

The is year's ECPS will kick off a day early, on June 6th for those who want to participate in a pre-summit workshop: "Addressing the Psychometrics Challenges of Digital Learning and Assessment: How Computational Psychometrics Helps," presented by Jiangang Hao, Director of Data Science, ETS. This workshop will be a high-level overview of the important techniques from data science, machine learning, and natural language processing.

Following the workshop, the Summit will kick off on June 7th, continue through to the 8th, and will feature keynote speakers, expert presenters and audiocasts including Deborah Quazzo, Managing Partner of GSV Ventures, a venture fund investing in education and workforce skills technologies that are disrupting the $7 Trillion sector and Co-founder of the ASU+GSV Summit; Mike Murphy, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ProctorFree, a rapidly growing technology company that uses machine learning to improve the quality of education; and Nick Saville, Director of Thought Leadership, Cambridge University Press and Assessment who will address aligning large-scale assessments with classroom-practices to promote lifelong language learning.

International presenters include Esther Ulitzsch, Research Associate, Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education in Kiel, Germany, who will present on "How Sequence Mining Can Help Us to Understand Failure on Interactive Tasks"; and Adela Isvoranu, JSMF fellow/postdoctoral researcher in the Psychology Department of the University of Amsterdam who will present the first-ever textbook on "Network Psychometrics with R", in which the network approach to psychology and the main pillars of network psychometrics will be introduced;

ATP CEO William G. Harris, Ph.D. noted that "ECPS is a unique opportunity to see the development and application of the science of assessment in what can only be described as a 3-D setting, from design to digitization to application to marketing. Change is happening exponentially, and ATP's mission is make sure everyone involved in the assessment ecosystem has the opportunity to keep pace with the industry and continue to learn in real-time and in meaningful ways. The pre-conference workshop will further enable attendees to enhance their own comprehension and skills, and to communicate their participation and dedication to the field."

This year's Summit program is sponsored by Duolingo English Test. Registration is open and sponsorship is available.

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