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Drew Roberts went Missing on Web3 Journey

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 20, 2022 / -- Drew Roberts, a 39-year old Solidity developer, packed 3 bags and set off on his Web3 Journey on May 5th, Cinco de Mayo. He is a programmer that creates NFTs and shitcoins to experiment with game theory.

According to @DrewRoberts Twitter account, he "slid into the Swamp on a trip to the Otherside." His whereabouts are unknown.

Photos have emerged of him at Shantell's chicken in Sanford, FL and at St George Island on Saturday, May 7th. He was also spotted panhandling with Rich Boy near Orange Beach attempting to "throw some D's on an NFT" according to 3 locals that were called "normies" by Drew Roberts.

"I aspire to be the crypto Robin Hood giving away NFTs and shitcoins to my frens because frens help frens" said Drew Roberts on his birthday Twitter Spaces event on May 20.

Drew Roberts created Snoop Doge on 4-20-2021 and received $10,000 worth of Ethereum. He took half of it and purchased 6 Bored Ape Yacht Club PFPs on OpenSea during the mint process because his former editor, Christopher Smith, minted 3 BAYC NFTs. "I gave one to Jermaine Dupri and four to ApeHaven to ensure the project would live as long as Vitalik Buterin" said Drew Roberts about the decision. He later sold one to pay for his wedding on September 21st, 2021. Drew Roberts commented "I won't sell another NFT in my life."

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