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Explore Authors Magazine releases its list of scorching hot new books to read this summer

Wildfire: The Revenge by James Bellis

Wildfire: The Revenge by James Bellis

A Life Worth Living by A.J. Hughes

A Life Worth Living by A.J. Hughes

Rivals in Restraint by Kathleen Haley

Rivals in Restraint by Kathleen Haley

Grab a cold glass of lemonade and a book from Explore Authors Magazine's scorching hot new books to read this summer. The perfect read for a summer vacation.

Excellent books to read or add to your personal library. Grab a cool glass of lemonade and enjoy a book from our list of hot new books to read this summer.”
— Explore Authors Magazine

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 20, 2022 / -- The following books on Explore Authors Magazine's list are available now via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and fine retailers everywhere.

A fantastic read for fans of horror. After the grief-stricken Robert Robinson's wife passes away, a friend offers him a great gift that comes with terrible consequences. At 70 years old, Robert becomes torn between his newfound powers and his sanity in horror writer Lance W. Reedinger's chilling new novel, "70". An exciting and thrilling tale. Red Moon Press, 978-0578288406

In Wildfire: The Revenge by James Bellis, a journalist must locate the anonymous source that sent him the story of a lifetime for his new book, unraveling a conspiracy that threatens to bring the world to its knees in this captivating heart-pounding thriller. Amazing story, sure to bring in new fans of this author. An enthusiastic recommend.

A Life Worth Living by A.J. Hughes tells the story of a young woman who finally ages out of the foster care system, jump-starting her new life in New York City. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned. After a botched suicide attempt she meets the dashing Daniel who opens her eyes to a new and exciting world. We highly recommend this lovely slice of life. Anicale Publishing, 978-0-9998967-0-9

Making a Difference the Right Way by Stewart W. Russell offers a proud and heroic account of one former Maryland State Trooper’s decades long career in law enforcement. A wonderful and informative read about the nation's finest. We love this book. Hazelvern Publishing, 978-0578786728

Rivals in Restraint by Kathleen Haley is a smart, character-driven, slice-of-life, romance full of enjoyable and witty banter bubbling with romantic tension that keeps the reader enthralled from beginning to end. An enthusiastic 5 stars – EAM Cycling Romance Press, 979-8-9861474-0-6

After the End: The Journey by R.J. Lynch – After the love of his life was taken from him and his home is left in ruins, Rob Doran goes in search of the man responsible in this excellent post-apocalyptic action drama and sequel. A huge thumb's up. Two Hands Media, 978-1734532319

Eva by Boyd C. Hipp, III... Escape on a romantic high sea adventure in this follow-up to Hipp's Mahalo Memories . We're still swooning. Mahalo Books, 978-0578356006

Fan of Dan Brown novels? Readers will love The President's Priests, a searing political-religious drama by Charles Kitts. A Catholic priest finds himself embroiled in intrigue when he is summoned to the White House by the president himself. A heart-pounding read. We enjoyed. New book Authors Publishing, 979-8-9861190-3-8

Sweet little pup Spike and his best bud Boss are back with this adorable learning book that parents and children alike are sure to love in Super Spike and His Pal Boss Say the ABCs. A wonderful learning book for children by James R. Bower. Average Dog Publishing, 978-1-7337590-5-2

Deserie LaCrosse proves love doesn't end after 60 in the steamy romance novels Midway of Light: Edward and Jennifer (Book 1) and Midway of Darkness: Edward and Jennifer (Book 2). The Love After 60 series is an absolute must-read and a breath of fresh air for readers of any age. We highly recommend this fantastic series. Weezie Publishing, 979-8-9858802-0-5, 979-8-9858802-1-2

In Maggie's Secrets by Nancy Evelyn Allen, a school teacher must not only unravel the past but unlock secrets after falling in love with a CIA agent who happens to the father of a student in her class. This suspenseful fast-paced romantic thriller will keep your eyes glued to every page. MACE Publishing, 979-8-9857788-0-9

Sixth Iteration by E. Hughes is a captivating mystery about an artificially intelligent program that falls in love with the scientist who programmed him. an enthralling read. Love-LovePublishing, 978-0-9973200-6-0 | Time and the Multi-Universe: A philosophy of time and time travel by E. Hughes is also on sale (preorder today). Love-LovePublishing, 978-1737705253

EC Walsh's new semi-fiction novel, Shaking and Steady: But Not Stirred is on sale now. Walsh covers a number of topics from fiction to semi-autobiographical in his intelligent new book. Walsh's Swizzel Stuck: A Mix of Five and Redux: A Novel about Second Chances. We recommend.

Karsynn Icard's inspirational novel, "I'm Fine. How are you? Feelings Inside Never Expressed" will guide readers through self-doubt and past trauma into "...gracing ourselves the freedom and experience to speak our truths." A beautiful truth. Humanity First Publishing, 978-0578340142

Jim Antonini's, Like Falling from an Airplane is a love triangle and a triumph, about a man who falls in love with his brother's sophisticated new bride. A sumptuous and enjoyable read. Pump Fake Press 978-0578366463

George D. Anderson's Survival at the Oasis is an intense and engaging novel about a team of sailors on a stranded island with only a plane from WWII for survival. The author’s deft storytelling weaves a compelling and interesting character study. New Book Authors Publishing, 979-8986119007

Where the Popsicles Are by Bob Kallberg determined not only to help his beautiful wife beat cancer but to save her. A true account of their love story, a must-read for families whose loved ones must bravely face this illness. A tear-jerker. Rush Candle Books, 978-0999390009


Messages from a Mystic Traveler by Michael Williams explores the author's visions of another reality, including what happens after we die. An enjoyable metaphysical exploration. Brighter Lights Publishing, 979-8-9862972-4-8

Noël Deppen's informative and compassionate book on eating disorders - Feed the Spirit, Starve the ED , Hopeful Rose Publishing, 979-8-218-00768-3

in Moosefart, a friend passes away, leaving behind a mysterious safety deposit box in this smartly written suspense by Mary Snyder. Highly enjoyable. Steel Roof Press, 979-8-9858721-0-1

Also on the list is Vincent Micelli's new young adult adventure THE LAST TRICERACORN, is sure to delight.

Dear Father by Dee Miller, the enthralling drama and follow-up to Anneliese is coming soon. We're excited.

Basic Financial Steps: That teaches you how to make your money work for you by Reginald Campbell offers informative, applicable, real world guidance on how to understand the basic principles of personal finance. An important and well recommended read.

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