Supercars DAO to launch their ARENA PVE Platform on May 20th

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Supercars DAO

Darqtec announce May 20th for the highly anticipated ARENA PVE launch of Supercars Play-to-Earn DAO.

what truly sets us apart from other games is our CARDAO structure. This is quite unique in this space, and I feel it provides a deeper sense of community, ownership and loyalty among our members”
— Jaime Terauds
BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, May 20, 2022 / -- Darqtec announced today the launch date for the highly anticipated Arena PVE version of their “Play-to-Earn” Supercars game. Jaime Terauds, Director of Business Development stated “after our official launch announcement in early March, just 8 short weeks ago, we have been absolutely blown away by the enthusiastic response to the first phase of our project”.

“Our social media community has grown beyond our expectations, the weight for the Car NFTs has risen to more than 10,000 and we have now completed two Parking Lots for our Car DAO community.” “After achieving all these amazing milestones, now is the time for us to deliver on the second, and most exciting phase of our project, the actual game play”. Terauds continued.

The company is announcing the Beta launch of the Arena PVE on May 20th. This second beta testing stage will activate the Super Arena PvE battles. The first track scenario “Mountain Loop” will be launched during this phase, after which the CarDAO community will vote on the creation of additional new track scenarios.

When asked why the Supercars Platform has been so enthusiastically embraced by players and fans, Terauds responded, “I think what truly sets us apart from other Play-to-earn platforms is our CAR DAO structure. The actual future development of the game is controlled and voted upon by our members. This is quite unique in this space, and I feel it provides a deeper sense of community, ownership and loyalty among our members”.

We asked Jaime, so what is next for Supercars? “I don’t want to give too much away too soon, but we have a really exciting roadmap for future developments, including a Top club alliance tournament for the CarDAO community, where we carve up the 10 million prize pool for tournament winners. We’ll be enabling an open trading market so our CarDAO members can freely trade their NFTs and we’ll be launching a rental car service to encourage players who do not have NFTs to participate in the game, to further build our community”

About Supercars:
Supercars is the first CARDAO autonomous platform in the metaverse that integrates car fans communication and racing entertainment.

About Darqtec:
Founded in 2019, Darqtec is an Australian-based web and software development company firm focused on the emerging field of blockchain, Web 3.0, FinTech and GamFi industries. Darqtec are development partners of Australia’s newest Digital Asset Exchange, Pipezi Pty Ltd, launching in Australia in March 2022, with a focus on small and medium enterprises.

Correction: An earlier press release referenced some incorrect figures related to our NFT figures, which have been corrected in this release.

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