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Prime Minister’s meeting with Minister-President of Flanders Jan Jambon

LITHUANIA, May 17 - On Monday, Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė met with Jan Jambon, Minister-President of the Belgian region Flanders. During the meeting held at the Office of the Government, cooperation between Lithuania and Flanders as well as opportunities for developing it in the fields of green economy, renewable energy, and innovations were discussed, the security situation in Europe was addressed as the war in Ukraine launched by Russia continues, and Lithuania shared its experiences in combating disinformation and propaganda as well as ensuring energy independence.  

‘We are grateful to Flanders for our cooperation, which started nearly from the moment Lithuania regained its independence.  The fact that it still continues proves that there are many areas of mutual understanding and mutual benefit, and we are culturally interesting to each other. I believe that once we overcome the temporary stagnation caused by the pandemic, we will only strengthen and expand our cooperation’, said Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė.  

During the meeting, it was noted that Lithuania would like to strengthen relations in the sectors of information and financial technology as well as biotechnology; perspectives in cooperating in the fields of renewable energy and hydrogen technology as well as life sciences are also evident.  

Changes in the security situation in Europe after the Russian military invasion into Ukraine were also discussed. Prime Minister was sincerely grateful for the solidarity of Belgium and thus Flanders with the Baltic region and their participation in the NATO Air Policing Missions as well as involvement in the NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence Battalion deployed in Lithuania.   

During the meeting, the necessity of a unified international response to the Russian military aggression supported by the Belarusian regime was discussed and support to Ukraine and its refugees fleeing the war, cooperation in aiding to rebuild this war-torn country, and the need to strengthen the NATO’s Eastern Flank were addressed as well.