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Statement of the Board of Law Examiners Regarding Potential Seat Limitations for the July 2022 UBE in Tennessee

The Tennessee Supreme Court has issued an Order advising that applications for the July 2022 Uniform Bar Exam will close before the May 20, 2022 deadline. There is no remaining seating capacity in the Knoxville and Memphis exam locations, but there are some remaining seats in the Nashville location. When all seats are filled, applications will close. For the July exam, the Board of Law Examiners made plans and reserved more than sufficient space based on the number of applicants who tested in previous years. However, the number of applicants for the July exam has significantly increased. This is primarily due to other states and the District of Columbia closing applications early. Tennessee is one of the few remaining jurisdictions with open applications for the July 2022 exam, resulting in an unanticipated influx of persons applying to take the Tennessee exam. All persons who have submitted their Tennessee applications and paid their filing fees are unaffected by the early closing.

“Rather than abruptly close applications, the Board and Court chose to provide notice to potential applicants that applications may have to close early,” stated Amy Pepke, President of the Board of Law Examiners. “Additionally, the Board increased seating by 20% more than in previous years but this is insufficient to cover the unprecedented increase.”

Testing locations for the exam must meet high standards, and few locations in Memphis and Knoxville meet this standard. The Nashville testing location can handle overflow from other locations, but has limitations. In addition, each location must be fully staffed with trained proctors. The Board of Law Examiners has made efforts to maximize the number of test takers at each location.