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Apogee Rewards Announces Launch of New Travel App

Apogee Indigo

Turning Out-of-Town Travelers into New Customers: How Apogee Indigo is Helping Local Businesses Thrive

We developed Apogee Indigo with the mission of connecting travelers, or explorers, and small businesses around the world with an app that offers convenience, innovation, and ease.”
— Ric Roth, Founder and President of Apogee Rewards
MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, May 9, 2022 / -- Apogee Rewards, Inc. recently launched a new app that allows travelers to take adventures into their own hands. Apogee Indigo is an app-based payment platform that encourages people to explore more through curated experiences while saving more through exclusive discounts that are provided in the Apogee network of merchants. The app is a first for the travel industry and will premiere in Miami. The company has plans to quickly expand into the top 20 tourism markets before eventually covering all the major U.S. and international tourism destinations.

“We developed Apogee Indigo with the mission of connecting travelers or explorers, and small businesses around the world with an app that offers convenience, innovation, and ease,” said Ric Roth, Founder, and President of Apogee Rewards. “Our app serves as a virtual sherpa with curated recommendations for top restaurants, entertainment, attractions, shopping, and experiences while offering all of this at great savings to our users.”

How It Works
Apogee Indigo is a tour guide and mobile payment app in one. Prior to their trips, travelers can purchase Apogee Indigo at a discount. For example, travelers can receive $100 in value to spend but pay just $85. Once on their journeys, explorers use the app to pay for their experiences with merchants who are within the Apogee network. Plus, they can receive rebates upwards of 20% on qualifying purchases and earn additional Apogee Indigo, which translates into more funds to spend during their travels. Users may reload their accounts anytime from anywhere.

The app will integrate content from Yelp, Tripadvisor, and Google Places, so explorers can learn about the curated list of merchant partners.

Merchant Partners
Apogee Indigo pre-pays local merchants for their goods and services while promoting their businesses to explorers weeks before they arrive at their destination and at a discounted rate. The Merchant Partners network will be limited to a select group of 100-200 restaurants, entertainment, attractions, and shopping locations per market. Local businesses who sign on with Apogee Indigo are equipped with the unique opportunity to leverage unparalleled marketing at no cost to funnel out-of-town customers through their doors, creating new tourist attractions and hotspots for travelers everywhere.

“We understand that marketing for small to medium-sized businesses can be challenging due to limited funds and resources,” said Roth. “Through our program, Merchant Partners pay no consumer benefits or credit card and processing fees. Apogee Indigo assumes responsibility for all of this, plus the costs for marketing. Our concept helps these smaller businesses get on the radar with out-of-town travelers and expand their presence in an innovative and cost-conscious way.”

Apogee Indigo was developed by the founders of Primecard, a membership-based program that offers up to 50% off dining and travel experiences every day across South Florida and the metro New York area. Since its inception in 1985, Primecard has partnered with more than 15,000 merchants to provide exclusive offers that have helped cardmembers save more than $150 million. The company has also driven more than 10 million transactions to its Merchant Partners, creating more than $500 million in revenue for these partners.

“We’ve leveraged our extensive experience and success with Primecard to produce Apogee Indigo. It’s an exciting evolution of a proven concept that allows us to meet travelers where they are today, while also supporting businesses with growth opportunities,” added Roth.

About Apogee Rewards, Inc.

Apogee Rewards, Inc. is a Miami-based company that was developed by the founders of Primecard, a membership-based discount program. The mission of Apogee is to provide travelers with a revolutionary way to explore the world. Through the Apogee Indigo app, travelers can plan their adventures with a virtual sherpa that offers curated dining, entertainment, attraction, shopping, and experiences, while taking advantage of great savings at their upcoming destinations.

Launched in 2022, Apogee Indigo also helps promote local businesses that are looking to tap into the travel industry. Apogee Indigo pre-purchases products from Merchant Partners and provides industry-leading marketing practices to drive customers through their doors.

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