Liv Lane's Angelic Art Invites Women to Pursue Their Dreams

The WingTips for Pursuing Your Dreams collection is packaged with a wooden easel in a clear gift box. The whimsical angel image at the center of the print appears to be wearing an aquamarine dress with large, irregularly spaced red, yellow and teal dots.

Prelaunch orders are open for five WingTips gift sets that feature art and advice painted by Liv Lane in collaboration with the angels. Each set includes eleven 5”x5” art-quality prints in one of five themes, including “WingTips for Pursuing Your Dreams."

A WingTips print is displayed on a on a white shelf, surrounded by green houseplants and large clear crystals. The whimsical angel image at the center of the print is wearing a bright green dress with what appears to be a black and white ribbon winding in

Each 5"x5" WingTips print features an angel image along with handwritten angel advice. Starter sets include a wooden easel to display a selected WingTips print each day. More in-depth explanation from the angels is printed on the back side of each print.

Five WingTips packages are displayed on shelf. Top-facing art within each set is visible through clear, plastic packaging, with a bright and colorful angel image central to each piece, surrounded by black, handwritten angel advice.

Five WingTips gift sets feature art and advice painted by Liv Lane in collaboration with angels. Starter sets Pursuing Your Dreams, and Finding Magic & Meaning include a wooden easel. Supplemental sets are Facing Hard Things, Healing Your Heart, and Changing the World.

WingTips Collections Pre-Launch as Post-Pandemic Burnout Pressures Millions of Women to Seek Change

Daily practice of reflection and spiritual connection can dramatically change lives. Hand-selecting a print to display offers a moment of introspection, and each glance renews confidence and clarity.”
— Liv Lane, WingTips artist and collaborator with the angels
MINNEAPOLIS, MN, USA, May 9, 2022 / -- Life may be “returning to normal” for many, but women in the workforce are finding the crush of daily expectations to be anything but normal or sustainable, and it’s inspiring an unprecedented wave of them to leave their jobs and pave a new path. An alumna to climbing off the corporate ladder to blaze her own path, artist Liv Lane unveils WingTips for Pursuing Your Dreams to guide and inspire women in rediscovery and alignment with their purpose. Inspired by the angels she’s seen her whole life, the collection of art prints is meant to help people gain clarity about their deepest hopes and build the courage to spread their wings.

“The angels want us to follow our passions and truly enjoy our lives,” says Lane, who has been painting with the angels, at their request, since 2017. Her lifelong angelic companions provide precise instructions with every brushstroke for each piece of art they collaborate with her to create, including a series of watercolor angel sketches surrounded by their advice, transcribed and handwritten by Lane. These paintings, which the angels dubbed “WingTips,” were instantly popular — each original piece sold within minutes. Now, to broaden the reach of their art and messages, Lane is partnering with JuneCo to launch her new product line of five themed WingTips collections. All who order during this pre-launch period will receive an invitation to join a live (virtual) WingTips launch event with the artist May 11.

“A simple daily practice of reflection and spiritual connection can dramatically change lives,” says Lane. “WingTips place that opportunity in the hands of those who need it, literally. Hand-selecting a print each day to display offers a moment of introspection, and each glance at it throughout the day renews confidence and clarity.”

Stress and Burnout on Historic Climb
The need for easily accessible tools and advice is heightened, as levels of overwhelm and stress continue to rise, especially among women. Deloitte’s newly released Women @ Work 2022: A Global Outlook Study provides a glimpse into the lives of working women across ten countries. More than half of respondents (53%) say their stress levels are higher than a year ago. Nearly as many rate their mental health as poor or extremely poor (49%) and report feeling burned out (46%). The great resignation is unlikely to slow, with more than half of women (52%) planning to leave their current employers within two years. Only 10% envision working for the same employer in five years.

“It’s stunning yet heartening to hear just how many women are recognizing they need and deserve better,” says Lane. “With stress so high and little time for themselves, I worry many women will settle for the next best thing rather than reflecting on how they truly want to show up in the world. Investing a few moments each day to reflect on dreams, receive heartfelt advice, and reclaim personal power can be transformational when considering the best path forward.”

WingTips Collection
Five sets of WingTips, each featuring 11 high-quality 5x5 prints of WingTips artwork, are now available for pre-order at, leading up to a May 11 launch. Two starter sets, WingTips for Pursuing Your Dreams and WingTips for Finding Magic and Meaning, are packaged with a wooden display easel in clear gift boxes. Three supplemental packs focus on the themes WingTips for Facing Hard Times, WingTips for Healing Your Heart, and WingTips for Changing the World. To complement the message in each piece of art, in-depth explanation from the angels has been added to the back of each print.

Angel Connection
After a lifetime of chatting with the angels, Liv Lane loves being able to share their light through the art and writings they create collaboratively.

Liv enjoyed a robust friendship with angels even when she was a young girl. She hid this for much of her young adult life, until a traumatic birth experience with her firstborn initiated a harrowing battle to heal the effects of PTSD. Through healing, her intuitive gifts and connection to the angels became too strong to hide. Embracing her calling, Liv stepped away from her successful corporate career to speak, write and teach in collaboration with the angels.

Just a year after she began painting with the angels, that collaboration became life-saving therapy through three and a half years of grueling treatments and complications from a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer. Thrilled to be in remission, under the watchful eye of her doctors and angels, Liv is eager to spread angel love and encouragement to all who need it, through painting, teaching and whatever else the angels have in store.

The Angel Resource Center (The ARC) at features free resources to invite connection with the angels. Follow @LivLane on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with Liv’s angel adventures and collectively focus on healing energy via her “A Word with the Angels” art and inspiration

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