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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 7, 2022 / -- today announced the date of its first “Mission DEIM: Diversity Equity, Inclusion, Mental Health Transformation” online event to address issues of perpetual trauma and depleted mental power as a contributing factor to the Great Tsunami and The Great Resignation that is impacting American businesses and institutions. Named “Navigating the Great Tsunami”, and hosted by Donna Dean, President of, it will be held on Tuesday, May 24th from 11AM - 12PM (PDT).

Although structured as a roundtable discussion, this online event will reveal specific “micro-solutions” that business executives, as well as professionals, can use to enhance their work environment and sense of well-being. Going beyond mere talk, this event will also award, through a live raffle, an action-oriented solutions package (valued at $5500) to one lucky event participant.

The Speakers assembled for this inaugural Virtual Talk Show: Mission DEIM, are all affiliated with the Brain Trust community, represent a who’s who of thought leaders and strategists from across business, entertainment, and professional sports sectors. Scheduled to appear are:

Mission DEIM Diversity Transformation Leaders

Donna Dean, President,, Diversity Transformation Strategist, 30-YR Multi-Industry Organizational & People Development Leader, Keynote Speaker.

Chukky Okobi, Founder, Basic Instructions Mind Mastery Practitioner, Mental and Emotional Release Therapy®, 8-YR NFL Veteran, Mission DEIM Avenger, Keynote Speaker.

Sharon Hurley Hall, Anti-Racism Activist, Educator, Writer, Co-host: The Intro-vert Sisters Podcast, Founder, Sharon’s Anti-Racism Newsletter, Mission DEIM Avenger, Speaker.

Brian Wood, President, Mars Coaching, Leadership Coach, Author, Mission DEIM Avenger, Keynote Speaker.

Jacquie Abram, DEI, Workplace Trauma Abolitionist, Forbes featured, International Best Selling Author of “Hush Money”, Mission DEIM Avenger, Keynote Speaker.

Malobi Achike, ESQ. Founder, CEO, DEI Directive, DEI Strategist, Mission DEIM Avenger, Keynote Speaker.

“We have all seen the statistics, 150,000 resignations per month at its height last year,” said host Donna Dean, “but we have only just begun to examine the underlying causes of this great disruptive wave that has hit, and continues to hit, the workforce. She continued, “In this show, we are going to look at what compels people to walk away from their careers and steady incomes by addressing the issues of perpetual trauma and depleted mental power.”

In keeping with its goal to “empower organizations to transform workplace cultures that create belongingness for all people” the Mission DEIM virtual talk show will offer micro-solutions that can help workers, who have either left their jobs or have stayed under questionable conditions, heal from the ordeal. Business leaders will also be given ways to empathize with their departing employees and consciously move to a more inclusive work environment that enables new and existing employees to be mentally healthy, productive, empowered, and vested.

Quentin Anderson, Founder of added “I am excited to watch our Virtual Talk Show, Mission DEIM hit the airwaves because coming together to solve problems of equality and opportunity in American business (for example, only 2% of Fortune 500 companies are run by black women) starts with honest, inclusive, vulnerable communication and that’s what this show is all about.”

More information about this free event (including a special preview from host Donna Dean is available now and registration ensures participants will be entered into a drawing for the valuable solutions package to be given away at the end of this event. is a sustainable resource of heritage, hope and legacy. A comprehensive ecosystem that provides transformative learning, development, coaching, and a community of purpose. forges strategic partnerships and alliances with companies, influencers, thought leaders, strategists and world changers to create wealth, level the playing field, advance the economy and the black community forward. is committed to empowering organizations to transform workplace cultures that create belongingness for all people.

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