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Jim Thebaut, Executive Producer of Turning Back the Doomsday Clock Project, Examines Putin's Threat of Nuclear War

James "Jim" Thebaut, President/Founder, Executive Producer/Director

Vladimir Putin's threats, warnings, rantings, and ultimatums on the use of a nuclear weapon during his war in Ukraine are beyond irresponsible and places his country and the world at extreme risk.”
— Jim Thebaut

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, May 5, 2022 / -- "Vladimir Putin's threats, warnings, rantings, and ultimatums on the use of a nuclear weapon during his war in Ukraine are beyond irresponsible and place his country and the world at extreme risk," states Jim Thebaut, President and Director/Executive Producer of Chronicles Group, Inc, and his Turning Back the Doomsday Clock Project.

Thebaut continues, "It's reckless and no rational nation leader should ever advocate or make an empty threat on the use of nuclear weapons. Even at the height of the Cold War, leaders on both sides of the 'iron curtain' were acutely aware the weapon could very well be instrumental in ending civilization. The following are a few seconds of distinguished interview clips from the Cold War and Beyond articulating relevant statements

Even the so-called use of "tactical or low yield nuclear weapons" which are designated to be used on a battlefield in military conflicts has been avoided (thus far) by leaders because it clearly opens 'Pandora's Box'.

"Those who lived through the Cold War realized the dangers which existed and as Robert McNamara, President Kennedy's Defense Secretary reflected in an interview with me about the Cuban Missile Crisis, we lucked out. It was luck that prevented nuclear war," continues Thebaut. "Robert Gates, former Director of the CIA, and Secretary of Defense in an interview with me also felt strongly luck was the primary reason the world avoided a nuclear war". Diplomacy and US-Russia Arms Control Agreements Deterrents have been established over the years since the Cold War; for example, SALT 1&2, START 1&2, and several summit meetings and discussions. But unless Russia and the US are on the same page, they mean nothing. In my estimation, the only real deterrence is mutually assured destruction or MAD. The principle is a nuclear attack by one country would be met with an overwhelming nuclear counterattack with the result of both sides being annihilated, which makes no practical sense unless one side is 'self-destructive' or worse."

The world is even more dangerous now than during the Cold War era with an estimated nine nuclear-armed states plus the ongoing threat of nuclear weapons falling into the hands of terrorists. Thebaut continues, "The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has recently moved the Doomsday Clock to 100 Seconds to Midnight and I would anticipate the clock being moved closer because of Putin's threats and the war in Ukraine. It's also my belief the Cold War has never really ended, it's been briefly in a state of dormancy and the only difference is Russia's no longer a Soviet State."

"I've visited Moscow many times during my production of the Cold War and Beyond documentary as well as after when I interviewed Mikhail Gorbachev for my Running Dry documentary and had great support from Russian news crews, journalists, and citizens. I was in Moscow on 9/11 and the outpouring of concern and (even love) for the US was extremely noticeable. There was a sea of flowers in Infront of the American Embassy," states Thebaut.

Thebaut believes Vladimir Putin has now established a dictatorship in Russia and as a former KGB, Foreign Intelligence officer, and Lieutenant Colonel he has manipulative and calculating instincts. "Also, I believe he's amoral, ruthless, corrupt, relishes his power, and desires to rebuild the old Soviet empire. But do I think he'll launch a nuclear war that will result in destroying his own country and everyone else? It's possible but I greatly doubt it because he won't be willing to give up his power and wealth," concludes Thebaut.

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