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Don’t Get Fooled Again by High Fuel Prices Here’s a Few Ways the Revolution Bus Can Help Your Budget

Originally, Revolution was designed for new school buses, but it is a perfect solution for clean-diesel buses that have plenty of operational life left.”
— Bruce Beegle, Vice President

HILLIARD, OH, UNITED STATES, May 3, 2022 / -- Just when fuel prices seem to have peaked, they are going back up again! AAA reports prices are up 4 cents since Monday, April 25, 2022 to $4.16 for a gallon of regular gasoline. The fluctuating oil prices and tight gas supply are to blame for this most recent spike in prices, according to AAA. The group expects the cost of gas to keep increasing as oil prices stay above $100 per barrel.

School Districts throughout the Nation are searching for ways to curb fuel usage, cut maintenance costs, and maintain their fuel budgets despite diesel costing fifty percent more than last year. There is a Solution- Vanner’s Revolution Bus. Revolution combines Vanner’s proven solid-state power technology with electrical scroll compressor air conditioning to produce an economic and reliable emission reduction system for school bus fleets.

Here are just a few of The Revolution Bus Solution benefits:

• Fuel Saving Benefits:
Eliminates the high-idle required by conventional air conditioning systems. High idling wastes 3-4 times the fuel consumed at a curb idle and 100% more fuel than Revolution’s engine-off operation in the school zone. Revolution data has shown a 2 gallon a day fuel savings in normal duty. For instance, from September 2020 to March 2021, a Central Texas school district with the Revolution System, saved $997.50 and close to 400 gallons of diesel for one bus. At today’s cost of diesel, this savings would have been doubled.
• Reduced Maintenance Costs:
Eliminates the problematic belt-driven air conditioner compressors and the under the hood refrigerant lines that crack and leak due to excessive heat and vibration
• Less Idling means Less Fuel Used and Anti-Idling Policy Compliant:
Revolution’s patented design generates on-board power to operate the air conditioning in the most efficient state, while maximizing performance and operation time with the engine off producing ZERO emissions in the school zone. According to a study by UC Riverside, idling diesel vehicles can emit up to five times more emissions.1

Bruce Beegle notes, "Originally, Revolution was designed for new school buses, but it is a perfect solution for clean-diesel buses that have plenty of operational life left." We’ve partnered with a Texas school district to demonstrate the benefits of Revolution. Stay up to date by following us on Facebook and LinkedIn @Revolutionbus. Or better to request a demo, contact Randy McWhirter @ 512-694-2932 /

So, what are you waiting for? Jump on the Revolution!

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