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Cannabis Control Division May Newsletter

The CCD has completed a system update that allows Cultivator licensees to increase their cultivation by multiple tiers, up to a maximum of Tier 5.

The update was completed after discussions with the Economic Affairs Interim Committee (EAIC) regarding §16-12-223 (1)(e)(iii), MCA.

Please note: this change only affects Cultivator licensees currently at Tier Micro through Tier 4; cultivators at Tier 5+ are unaffected and may apply to increase one tier at their time of renewal.

To update your existing licenses, please log into the TransAction Portal (TAP) and submit an Update application. Licensees may also apply to add new cultivation facilities at the same time – up to the maximum number allowable by the tier requested.

All tier increase requests will require inspection per statute. If approved, fees will be prorated based on the licensee’s current expiration date.