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Implenting Policies & Procedures Early at your School is vital to becoming Proactive instead of Reactive in an Emergency

Assistant Vice President of Safety, Security, and Investigations

Kevin Craig

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Implementing proper security may seem expensive but not doing it might cost a life?”
— John C. Morley (Serial Entrepreneur)
FRANKLIN LAKES, NJ, USA, May 2, 2022 / -- Whether you are a student, administrator, faculty, parent, contractor, or visitor to a school, the responsibility to protect all who enter is not as cut and dry as it use to be. The JMOR Tech Talk Show is an internationally broadcasted show about technology and insightful guests that share life experiences on things we all need to know to have a happy, healthy,safe life. This week the show airs Friday at 5:30 PM with your host John C. Morley, international Talk Show Host, co-host Marcus Hart, and guest Mr. Kevin Craig, VP of Safety, Security and Investigation from Porzio Compliance Services.

Chief Craig, has been recognized as an SME (Subject Matter Expert) on numerous occasions in law enforcement, management, and school security. He is also a licensed private detective and is certified as a Public Manager, Police Instructor, School Safety Specialist, and School Resource Officer in NJ. Chief Craig holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration with a specialization in School Security and Safety Administration. He has represented the NJ State Association of Chiefs of Police on the NJ K-12 Task Force in conjunction with the Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness and was appointed to the NJ School Security Task Force by the Governor of NJ as a subject matter expert. In addition to being a certified instructor in Active Shooter Response, De-escalation, and Threat Assessment, Chief Craig is an instructor for the NJ School Safety Specialist Academy in the NJ Department of Education and a member of the ASIS International School Safety and Security Council and Advisory Board Member and Senior Instructor for the NJ Association of School Resource Officers.

Are schools and corporate campuses giving a high enough level of care to the security of the people in their surroundings? Will they choose to implement a plan today or wait till they need to assemble in an emergency?

Hearing this phrases "see something, say something", is no surprise to anyone however why don't more people choose to inform the appropriate people to check out the situation. Are people just busy and can't be bothered or do they have a strong reason that may have something to do with their safety? The most expensive cameras, access controls, and guards mean nothing if they are not utilized consistently and in the most effective manner. Today will learn the value of this understanding which is that the key to great security is integration. This means security systems, staff, administration, teachers, managers, executives, visitors, parents, contractors respectively with policies that everyone knows as well as their name.
Whether it's a church, temple, community center, museum, sports arena, airport, or anything in between the truth is simple, integrated security services are no longer just a luxury but a necessity at many public and private buildings welcoming visitors each day.
Today a variety of platforms and internet of things devices may be used to mitigate threats however they might be exploiting people's privacy in the process.

Our world loves to get things for free or even a discount but is this also opening up Pandora's box to people's privacy?
Security is no longer just something that just one person handles and thus the rules have changed. The landscape of threats in grade school, middle school, and college are no stranger to lunchroom fights, disputes, and a plethora of disgruntled aggression due to many personal or family situations. Thus, the standard is now to have a team of people that analyze behavior and threats to get a clear picture of the person and understand the benchmarks of their personality

Thanks to new Artificial Intelligence Technology that enables security teams to be more proactive rather than reactive behavioral patterns can be easily recognized.

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