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A Father's Love: Justice and Forgiveness

Author paints the perfect picture of a thriller with a religious flair

Reid heard a calling to serve God and seek justice. He is unperturbed by the threats of danger after he finds himself in the center of a dangerous organized crime.”
— Jean DeFreese Moore

TUCSON, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, April 29, 2022 / -- An Artist with various facets introduces an indulging thriller depicting the current issues of human trafficking and prejudice set in a historical setting. Jean DeFreese Moore’s A Father's Love: Justice and Forgiveness is a sequel to the author’s previous book, A Father’s Love: Faith and Family, and will be exhibited at the 2022 Tucson Festival of Books this coming March 12-13, 2022, in Tucson, Arizona.

The story centers on retired federal marshal Travis Britt’s youngest son, Reid. After having completed law school, Reid managed to land a job at the Department of Justice and goes undercover in a very dangerous situation that would not only put his own life at risk but those who he loves. Reid and his wife Chipeta’s lives became a tangled mess of lies, crimes, secrets, and prejudices that will put all they know to the test.

Reid heard a calling to serve God and seek justice. He is unperturbed by the threats of danger after he finds himself in the center of a dangerous organized crime.

The work also navigates around Chipeta and her struggles with acceptance among the people in Reid’s hometown and with her own identity. But with Reid’s own baggage, she is left to handle it by herself. Chipeta and Reid’s father’s disappearance serves as the pinnacle of the story.

Moore showcases her understanding of the scriptures by leaving traces on parts of the story. She imparts a message of hope and strength using God’s words and a touch of her own too.

Jean DeFreese Moore received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Louisiana Tech University where she was one of the contributing artists to paint the entry hall mural at the Lincoln Parish Historical Museum housed in the Kidd-David House built in 1886. Moore is actively involved with a Painting with Prayer group, the local Community Men’s Shed, and she also teaches a Children’s Sunday School. She retired after 24 years with Louisiana Tech Athletic Media Relations.

Immerse yourself with Jean DeFreese Moore’s work by grabbing a copy of her book, A Father’s Love: Justice and Forgiveness on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more online book retailers.

A Father's Love: Justice and Forgiveness
Written by: Jean DeFreese Moore
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