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Spotlight on Cyclops, The Story of Scott Summers

Cyclops: The Story of Scott Summers

Fan Episodic Series Like You Have Never Seen Before

HOLLYWOOD , CALIFORNIA, USA, April 28, 2022 / -- Spotlight on Cyclops, The Story of Scott Summers
Fan Episodic Series Like You Have Never Seen Before

What is the first thing coming to mind when discussing about X-Men? Most likely your answer is Wolverine. Finally, someone has the nerve to really put out the classic Cyclops story for the first-time in history. In an e-mail interview with main actor and award-winning filmmaker, Keith Sutliff, we dive into details in filming the episodic fan film.

Share is your journey in filming Cyclops
The Journey-The series all came about during the beginning of the pandemic in Springtime of 2020. A producer friend and me were thinking of ideas of projects and saw some fan films on YouTube like Star Wars ones of Darth Maul and other characters. Then also of X-Men characters such as Gambit and Wolverine. We realized how many views and how much attention they were getting online. A studio film/series or fan film/series has never been done on Cyclops/Scott Summers. He is the leader of the X-Men and a very intriguing character. We thought it would be a cool project to do for comic book fans and any fans of X-Men, so we made it an episodic fan series for free to watch online like the others.

Basing Scott Summers on the original comics-
We did certainly and wanted to. We wanted to make the series as close to the Scott Summers in the “Classic X-Men”, “The Uncanny X-Men”, “Ultimate X-Men”, and his origins stories from his other stand-alone comic books. The tuff leader he is for this group of mutants. But also put our own mix and interpretation into the character.

Why Cyclops of all X-Men-
He is one of the original X-Men and leader of the X-Men. One of the most important members of the whole group and responsible for a lot of the group’s success. Also, this origins story of Scott Summers has never been done before as stated before.

Challenges in making the project-
Well, there’s always challenges in any project someone does. Of course, we ran into logistical issues with locations and weather on some of the filming but were able to work it out. Then of course the intense diet and training regimen I went through to really look the part. Also, all the reading of the comic books learning as much about his back story as possible to really prepare for the role. I wanted to make the character very similar to the comic book version of Scott Summers but really make him a bad ass dude and a tuff leader.

Physical and mental preparation-
The preparation physically was constant dieting and sometimes two a day workout with daily running and lifting about 3 days a week. The mental part was just owning the character as he is in the comic books but really excepting playing the role as an alpha male that really kicks ass. A true leader of a group of mutants that can resolve any situation and lead.

Release date-
The series releases the very end of April on YouTube, Vimeo, and other free streaming platforms.

Synopsis of show:
In the present year mutants are fighting each other in a civil war. Humans and mutants at war as well. Scott Summers (Cyclops) is a leader amongst a mutant organization and helping restore peace for all. This chronicles the backstory of Scott Summers from an early age to his mid adulthood years.

D3Episode 1 Synopsis:
An introduction into the Scott Summers character also known as "Cyclops". From an early age Scott has wanted to be cured of his mutant powers. The drug "Banshee" he has been administering has helped him enhance but also control his mutant powers. He comes to accept himself as who he is with his special capabilities and his leadership role amongst mutants. A role he can help bridge a gap for peace between mutants and humans. Also, to bring peace to the mutant population that are fighting each other in a civil war.


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"Cyclops Chronicles: The Story of Scott Summers"

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