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Reality Construction Kit App Advance Release Shows Uncanny Physical Augmented Reality

Seamless Virtual Balls Cross Real Furniture

Dart Knocks Over Tower of Crates

Line Them Up, Knock One Down, and Watch

App Lets iPhone/iPad Pro Users Build Seamless Simulation-Based AR Scenes

Reality Construction Kit lets you build unique realistic physics into AR scenes you can't tell from real ones.”
— Pantomime CEO David Levitt
SEBASTOPOL, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 28, 2022 / -- Pantomime Corporation has released a worldwide preview of its new Reality Construction Kit app at the App Store.

The app lets users build physically realistic 3D scenes into their space with tacks, planks and other virtual objects. The LiDAR 3D depth sensors in iPhone and iPad Pros see the shape of the user’s space, so virtual objects seamlessly collide, slide, bounce, roll across surfaces, and disappear behind real ones.

Until now most AR apps have relied mainly on canned animation rather than physical simulation.

Reality Construction Kit users tack and toss items into a mixed reality scene embedded in their own unique furniture and the space around them. As shown in video, the physical realism is uncanny.

Along with realistic collisions and seamless motion across real and synthetic objects, stunning realism is achieved by:
• lighting, shadows and reflections of the real room in shiny virtual objects
• highly directional, diverse collision sounds from up to 4 speakers

Until its launch event next week, journalists, reviewers, early adopters and award voters can get Reality Construction Kit and its eight initial paid In-App Purchases for free at the App Store.
• Track — for building courses and structures into your space
• Darts — stick into real and virtual objects, walls, ceilings or real dart boards
• Balls — basketballs, footballs, volleyballs, and bowling balls
• Dominos — line them up and knock them down
• Baseball Bat — reach in and nudge or swing at virtual objects
• Basketball Hoop — toss an object in and hear it score
• Crate — open at one end: stack ‘em, tack ‘em, fill ‘em, spill ‘em …
• Plank — tack these into your space to perfect a Track course

Thousands of Pantomime Reality Faucet app customers will also receive an automatic upgrade to Reality Construction Kit.

Reality Construction Kit has already been nominated for Augmented World Expo’s 2022 Auggie Award for Best Consumer App. Public voting ends May 5th, 2022.

Pantomime Corporation was founded in 2014 by CEO David Levitt, an alumnus of the team at VPL Research that invented virtual reality, and Don Hopkins, of the team that created The Sims. Pantomime won the Launch Silicon Valley Startup Challenge and launched several of the earliest augmented reality apps. Dr. Levitt is a frequent speaker at Augmented World Expo, AR/VR Vision Summit, Digital Hollywood and GamesBeat Summit. He was awarded a 2019 Virtual World Society Nextant Prize.

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Reality Construction Kit lets users build seamless physically realistic augmented reality scenes into their own space